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freeroll 2 - for hazyone

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  • freeroll 2 - for hazyone

    comment this one hazy!!!

    Starting hand #11457967
    p1 starts with $19,200
    p2 starts with $11,200
    p3 starts with $10,425
    p4 starts with $28,825
    p5 starts with $16,075
    p6 starts with $8,675
    p7 starts with $14,025
    p8 starts with $12,800
    p9 starts with $5,225
    p10 has the dealer button
    p7 dealt down 8s 2c
    p9 posts the small blind $100
    p1 posts the big blind $200
    p2 calls $200
    p3 folds
    p4 folds
    p5 folds
    p6 $500 to $700
    p7 folds
    p8 folds
    p9 calls $600
    p1 calls $500
    p2 calls $500
    >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 9c 9h Ad ]
    p9 bets $2,800
    p1 folds
    p2 folds
    p6 calls $2,800
    >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ 6c ]
    p9 checks
    p6 bets $5,175 and is all-in
    p9 calls $1,725 and is all-in
    p6 shows cards 6h 6d
    p9 shows cards Qh As
    >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 5s ]
    p6 wins $3,450
    p6 wins $11,850
    p6 won with a full house, sixes full of nines
    p9 finishes in 67th place

    spades 8) 8O

    now dont tell us the he should went all in with the AQ hazy!!!

  • #2
    He really doesn't have a choice here. He committed himself to the pot on the flop - although I think whoever the player was should have went all in on the flop instead of leaving himself with the choice of making a crying call on the turn.

    I don't really see what your point here is Spades. Really the only bad play was the 66 calling a large bet on the flop - and managing to hit his two outer (which seems to happen quite a bit here). The AQ played it about as good as he could have with the exception of his flop bet. Both players were shortstacked, so maybe the 66 was desperate, I know I would have waited for a better spot though.


    • #3
      well my point here is that is the same table and same players

      and i play as the table plays..maybe im wrong but if a AQ deserve a all in on the flop a QQ deserve a all in preflop

      not waiting to see a K or A on that flop with QQ and have to fold that for a A3 or something like that

      i took a chance of winning preflop 5k and lost...due to the way the table was playing i didnt have any chance to make some players fold if i raise 5k preflop as you mention

      that is my point !!!

      all hands that you play, and you win or lost should be analyzed considering the way table is playing and i dont see much of that when we discuss hands on this forum

      spades 8)


      • #4
        If I jumped off a bridge would you do that too?
        Just Because the of the table plays sub-par does not mean you play sub-par also. Yes you adjust to the texture off the game, I thought if (corect me if I'm wrong) the more loose the table the tighter you play, and the tighter the game you can play a litlle looser.