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Probably just a coincidence

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  • Probably just a coincidence

    :?: :idea: I just realized that Pokermats has an alterego. New player at the site with the name stamrekop. Hmmmmmm. Probably just a very very strange coincidence. :lol:

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    i would hazzard a guess that as pokermats is a rare name that stamrekop is pokermats (spelt backwards) and i would urge PSO to check this out before the big one 2 as both players have a seat in it.
    and i would also like PSO to check out any tourny that both players have played in (with regards to pokermats sponsorships)

    ty for pointing it out beeker.

    a simple ip check would help work out if the players in question are from same next of the woods.


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      While it seems odd for pokermats to have bizarro player here at PSO, I doubt that there will be any relation between the two.

      Peace, Starrs LSOGC


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        When asked about this is a game, Stamrekop stated that his "name" was misspelled and should have been "Stanrekop". He also said he had emailed PSO about correcting it.




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          poker nats?

          i dont understand it


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            i talked to him a week or so ago at the tables. he said his name is stan. and he wanted to be different. we talked for a little while, as i really was looking to see how good his english is. (i am not knocking you pokermats, i think it is awesome you can speak 2 languages) but stan speaks fluent english, or at least types it. i am positive that these are 2 different poeple........


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              Iron, he wanted his name to be

              STAN then poker spelled backward REKOP.

              When he entered his name in, he typed STAMREKOP, rather than stanrekop.



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                someone told me that i should come read the forum something i had never done because of this message here so i decided to see what was going on. unfortunate coincidence can not even begin to describe what this is. my name is stan towner and i joined the poker school at the end of the november after having played around with a different name on the free side. i wanted my name to be different so i decided i would use my first name stan and poker backwards which is rekop or stanrekop. i filled out the form went through clicking all the buttons and finished up. i hit the confirm button without even realizing that i had hit the m button instead of the n button. anyone who types without looking at the keyboard like i do can realize how simple of a mistake this is. since i have been playing at the school i can say a lot of the fun has been taken out of it for me. people have slung accusatory remarks at me left and right over and over again and when i explain myself they doubt me. i have emailed pso and have been told that i can not change my name once it has been entered. i will be ending my membership at the end of this month and will not play in the big one 2 thing i played in the qualifier because i was bored. maybe someday ill play here again but i can assure you that ill be much different with my name ill try something boring like stanley.

                stan towner


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                  Mr. Towner. My humblest apologies to you. I never meant this post to be anything other than recognizing the "amusing" coincidence in names. Not knowing you other than from the tables, I certainly never meant to cause you any conflict, and was unaware that others had questioned you about it. Having read your reply, and having read Pokermats' postings, there is no way anyone would confuse you with Mats. Please stick around.

                  :wink: As the Big One II is anticipated to draw about 750 entrants boredom will be the keyword of the day. You earned the spot, take advantage of it. By the way, the Forum offers many more interesting thoughts than the one I posted.

                  Again Stan, sincere apologies.

                  Phil Burch


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                    Stan, ask again about changing your name, and point out these series of posts to the forum.

                    I would think they should have no problem changing your name to stanrekop.

                    Best of luck with it, enjoyed it when you have been at my table.



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                      Stan, you can change your name but you need to wait till after the big one is over. You will lose everything you earned in old name.

                      If you pay monthly just join under the name you like....I would think the 1st of Janurary would be the time 2 do it.

                      I'm told Mark is going to start all ranks over new on the 1st of Jan.

                      Good luck! See you at the tables

                      Sailor Moe
                      2 Time Bracelet Winner


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                        Don't gooooooooo. We need all the nice people here we can get, and when I've seen you at the table, you have fit the bill !!
                        Just cause people are paranoid, doesn't mean "they're" not out to get us!!!!




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                          Probably just a coincidence

                          Echoing Poker Goddess Don't go! I have played several times with you. You are tops in my book. Please Stay!

                          Gem 56


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                            I have no problem with you

                            ... but if anyone named revor shows up here I will kick their A$$.


                            • #15
                              stan from reading your post it easy to see you have a totally different typing style to matts and i am 99.9% sure your not the same player.
                              that typo when joining is very confusing though and you must be able to see why some of us are suspicious. a simple IP check by the staff would have comfirmed that you weren't matts.

                              sorry for any offence i caused in my posts please accept my appoligies and play in the big one