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pl omaha buy in?

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  • pl omaha buy in?

    rolf, i know you play an aweful lot of pot limit omaha over there in europe, and i have a question for you. there is a game run once a week here in the chicago area at the casino, pot limit omaha high only. it has a minimum buy in of 500. the game sounds and looks like a great game, with a lot of action and a lot of money. so here is my question. what should i buy in for? there is no limit to the buy in, and on an average night, you get maybe 3 people buying in for 500 to 1000. about another 3 or 4 players buying in for 3000, and a couple buying in for more than 15,000. the players with big stacks of chips like to play bully to the smaller stacks. the blinds are either 5/10, or sometimes 5/10/10. either way, i would like to get in this game, but i dont know what a comfortable buy in would be. what do you do in this situation? i play the game very patiently, and i am not afraid to push when i have the goods. but i also want to maximize my profits. any advice would help, thank you,

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    I remembered an article Rolf wrote for Pokerpages a while back that deals with adjusting your play based on your buyin in PL games. I think this will be helpful.


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      thank you cockroach!!!!!!!!! very informative.


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        Dear JMuzzey,
        With people playing stacks this big, there is no way you can take the role of the biggest stack yourself. What's more, playing stacks this big with the blinds only this small doesn't make that much sense. Also, the people who are playing big stacks and who like to bully the small stacks might be good players- but they also easy to chop off, especially if YOU are playing a small stack. In these type of games, sitting down with the minimum is actually a good strategy, so you can push your good hands BEFORE THE FLOP. The big stacks will give you action anyway, making it fairly easy to double or triple your initial buy-in. (On the exact strategy here, I would refer to the article mentioned above). Assuming you are no expert PLO player yet, playing like this does not require that many difficult decisions, and it is the best defense, an excellent counter-strategy against the bullies, because whenever you're involved they cannot make you lay down the best hand. And since YOU are playing the better starting hand, THEY will be taking the worst of it when they give you action. Take care, JMuzzey, and good luck,