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More EE2C Members to beat

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  • More EE2C Members to beat

    Can you imagine playing your last 200 games and your cumulative percentile is above 70.00?
    Can you imagine we all started with a bankroll of only $200, and now all these players have a bankroll of over $10,000.00?
    I believe these players do deserve special recognition, which is what EE2C is all about.

    In the 200+ games 70.00 groups

    Cosmotech - 70.12 - $13,816
    There is no way you can get busted by Chris even when Chris has the whole Cosmo thing and all the hi-tech gear. This is what is in my poker notes against Cosmo- (I am in the X’mas mood, normally, I don’t share my notes with anyone!!) – “to play against Cosmotech, to make sure I don’t get busted, click the box – Check/fold.”

    Gobama – 70.19 - $15,614
    It is a goot thing that Barry is a family man. He can only play Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Can you imagine what we have to face 24/7 if he plays all the time? As far as I am concerned, he is capable of quitting his day job and Goprofessional. Next time you see him, just say “GoPro!”

    Azhardballz – 70.33 - $26,739
    I had the distinct pleasure of playing against Jeff in Reno, Nevada earlier this year. Not only did he keep hammering my blinds, he busted me out 4 times during the re-buy period. I did not know Jeff at the time, but when I found out who he really was, it was too late for me. Welcome to EE2C, and please leave me alone, Jeff!!!!

    Debonair – 70.36 - $10,895
    Anyone that can fly a tiny little plane and survive to tell about the experience is someone you would not like to run over. If you want to make a move against ‘Sauvé’, just make sure you have the NUTS against Bill; otherwise you will be the NUT.

    Serpico – 70.37 - $10,020
    You mean surgical. Everything that Jim does is so precise and exact, it really make me envious the way he moves his chips as he calmly takes me out. Where the bloody hell is Hull? How can internet be available in such a tiny town in UK? Jim, don’t you have something better to do than always taking other people chips?

    DBPbear – 70 41 - $14,592
    Dianne is a natural. She is positively, absolutely fantastic with cards. She plays all 52 with utmost skill – don’t you just hate all them contract bridge maneuvers. We all need handicapping when we enter into a pot with Lady D. She uses best 5 of 7 in Hold’em; we need the rest just to get our chips back. So if you only get 2 cards in your hand, you better muck.

    Dealmein – 70.83 - $27,947
    If you dealhimin, just dealmeout. I want no part of John. Just take a look of his bankroll!
    I was up to $20,000 once, until one day, a fool that I am, challenged John for a heads up match for a cool 10G. Yes, I was cooled alright, and my bankroll was a lot lighter in just what seems an eternity of 15 minutes. So anyone of you want a piece of Deal, please be my guest.

    PayShints – 70.98 - $12,619
    Patience! Patience! More Patience! He has Patience! I don’t have Patience, I Pay and I become the Patient! Why does PayShints has so much Patience? Why can’t all of us have his kind of Patience? What’s the big deal on Patience? If you have lost your Patience reading what I write about Payshints, you know you don’t have enough Patience. So, play goot and have Patience.

    Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, there you have it our 70.00+ EE2C Members.
    Please help me by recognizing this group of players by sending them a congratulatory e-mail. Hopefully with 1,000 + e-mails that they have to respond to; that will give us a better chance on the tables, lol.

    Please bear with me; I will be introducing the 71.00+ EE2C Members soon.
    Until then, PLAY GOOT!

    YSA EE2C Presi-Den-TTee,

    Stkjk - Andy

  • #2
    Can you make it any tougher to get in, Andy??????


    Disgruntled, Vice El Pres-i-Den-Ttee :

    PS, Congratualtions all, especially to the two members of the:
    TRIUMVERATE OF POKER: Debonair and Payshints 8)

    (I am the 3rd member--they let me in because they felt sorry for me) :wink:


    • #3
      Rather than feeling disgruntled, look at it as a challenge.
      I did not make EE2C last month myself, and I buckled down.
      You know it kills me when I do not make it!!!!
      You got the game, so make it happen Randy.
      PLAY GOOT!! :wink:
      stkjk - Andy


      • #4
        Just teasing you Andy. :wink: And it was also my way of saying how hard it is to get into the Extra Elite 200 Club. (8O Which is as it should be.)

        Because, hey, I thought I had a pretty darn good month. I was in the running for sponsorship points until 11 pm on the last day of the month. When a depraved pack of dogs (depraved and dreams and Jcastle) came sneaking up from behind. :P

        Anyway, congrats again to all the December EE2C members so far. Truly an honor.

        A not disgruntled, El Vice-Pres-i-Den-Ttee.


        PS, Andy, email me, I have some thoughts for our last EE2C of the year (and probably the last for quite some time, once the rankings are reset).

        PSS Sometimes my sense of humor misses. Who can forget the post on Ladder Climbing that some took literally. Well, probably everyone has forgotten that one.


        • #5
          Maybe just a technicality, or maybe I'm just missing something, but there are many more players who have 70+% and $10K.

          Is this just new additions?


          • #6
            Ladder Climbing? What's dat?


            • #7
              when I saw the sad face, i went berserk.
              I was totally fooled by you, as always.
              Just like on the table when you re -raise me, lol.
              Please e-mail me and let me know what your ideas are for 2003.



              • #8
                more EE2C on the way
                your write up is coming.
                Please be Patient with me.
                The 71+, 72+,73+, 74+, and yes incredible 75+ write up and introductions are forthcoming.
                stkjk - Andy


                • #9
                  why is % so important?

                  Why is the emphasis put on percentages and not on bankrolls. It seems that in real life a bigger bankroll is more desired. But what amazes me is how someone can have over 70% and be under 10K$.
                  I',m rated at less than 1000th in the school but even with my low 50% rating, i've managed to accumulate over 20K. I just think more emphasis should be put on bankrolls.


                  • #10

                    I am very pleased to be a member. I am very impressed with your perceptiveness in my playing habits. Yes, I am a family man and you have me pegged on the days I play. You obviously put alot of work into the EE2C. I hope I don't meet you at a poker table in Tunica, you'll be able to read me like a book. Well.....I wouldn't mind meeting you at a FINAL TABLE. God Bless and thanks again for the kind words.


                    • #11

                      :roll: Awwww poop Andy 70+%!!!!

                      Oh wait I am already in right? LOL whew...

                      saneigy :arrow: 'DO YOU EVER WONDER?'


                      • #12

                        I am very grateful for the kind words you have to say. I very much enjoy my time here at PSO, and the many great people that are members here. I just want to say thank you for your kind words.



                        • #13
                          Cosmo and GoPro
                          You are very welcome!
                          EE2C is proud to have you two as our bona fide members.
                          Merry X'mas

                          stkjk - Andy


                          • #14
                            EE2C recognizes both percentile and bankroll.
                            Also, we feel long term consistency means something.
                            For example, 2002 WSOP 10M NLHE won 2 million dollars this year.
                            The question is, how consistent is his poker playing ability?
                            With 2 million in bank, goblue, who cares! And you are right.
                            Therefore, in PSO, while we are sharpening our poker skills, we should pay attention to day in and day out goot play which is reflected in percentile.
                            I hope this help explain a little about the philosophy of EE2C.

                            stkjk - Andy


                            • #15
                              All I can say is I'm not worthy but a big thank you anyways. And as one of my better patients, I'm giving you double medication this month.