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All-in to block a draw...

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  • All-in to block a draw...

    The only reason that I'm asking this is this is the second straight time I've been knocked out of a tourney early using this play. I put all of chips in in the early part of a NLHE event with top pair. There was a potential st8 draw and a potential flush draw on board but none that could be complete as of yet. I put all of my chips in (about 600 out of a 1,000 starting chip event) and got two callers. The first caller had a st8 draw and the second caller had a flush draw. The straight draw hit and both stacks had me covered, the st8 draw had me quadrupled and the flush draw had about 260 more chips than I. Is this just a dumb play? I had top pair on the flop, which was tens. I was aiming to end the hand right there. Didn't work. I guess I should learn not to put all my chips in against powerful draws.

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    It really depends on who the opponent is die. I usually wait until the turn to make them pay for their draws. Some people will lay down a draw on a flop bet, some won't - knowing who will and who won't is what makes my decision for me.


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      If they decline the bad odds to pursue their draw, you win a small pot. If they accept, you win a big pot. Or sometimes go bust. But if they "make a mistake" by accepting, you're the winner. Can't complain :wink:


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        I wish I was young again and full of questions, rather than old with no answers.

        The only thing I can say, is that it wasn't a bad play. Had you done that with AA the result would be the same. You win some, you lose some.


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          Jellow said:

          I wish I was young again and full of questions, rather than old with no answers.



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            Diej I think you had +EV for this hand of at least the preflop $$$. If both draws had 3 outs for a kicker higher than T (but not your kicker), best case scenario, you should expect both to miss 33% of the time.

            I wonder if you had +EV for all-ins with TT in general though? Maybe someone with a simulator has the answer?