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  • freerolls

    no limit holdem - freeroll - 10k starting chips

    78 players sign in - 48 players stil

    Starting hand #11459191
    edougl starts with $28,525
    COSMOTECH starts with $4,975
    etars starts with $12,125
    poombah starts with $9,650
    57sauce starts with $11,075
    "spades" starts with $15,325
    ronald1 starts with $26,600
    Martan starts with $35,163
    fcc starts with $14,350
    Martan has the dealer button
    "spades" dealt down Qd Qc
    edougl posts the ante $100
    COSMOTECH posts the ante $100
    etars posts the ante $100
    poombah posts the ante $100
    57sauce posts the ante $100
    "spades" posts the ante $100
    ronald1 posts the ante $100
    Martan posts the ante $100
    fcc posts the ante $100
    fcc posts the small blind $300
    edougl posts the big blind $600
    COSMOTECH folds
    etars calls $600
    poombah raises $600 to $1,200
    57sauce calls $1,200
    "spades" raises $14,025 to $15,225 and is all-in
    ronald1 folds
    Martan folds
    fcc folds
    edougl folds
    etars calls $11,425 and is all-in
    poombah calls $8,350 and is all-in
    57sauce calls $9,775 and is all-in
    etars shows cards 9d Kd
    poombah shows cards 2s 2h
    57sauce shows cards Jh Ks
    "spades" shows cards Qd Qc
    >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 4d 8d Td ]
    >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ 5c ]
    >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ Js ]
    "spades" wins $3,200
    etars wins $2,100
    etars won with a king high flush
    etars wins $4,275
    etars won with a king high flush
    etars wins $40,000
    etars won with a king high flush
    poombah finishes in 50th place
    57sauce finishes in 49th place

    would like to see comments on this hand

    spades 8)

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    It's a freeroll. What more is there to say?


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      Under the O! Number 68!



      • #4
        IMO you deserve it for going all in preflop. 4800 in the pot and you bet 15,000 with people still to act - while holding the 3rd or 4th best starting hand.

        Personally, you should have raised it 5K (if you want to try and take the pot right there, which looks like your intent, you don't necessarily have to throw all your chips in the middle). You give a reason for not very good players to take a chance when you throw all your chips in the middle. First, they are not knowledgeable enough to realize that you aren't bluffing. Second, they figure if they hit they can win a huge pot. You let them see all five cards for free this way, they don't have to worry about you betting them out of the pot.

        Of course, Noodles might say I'm wrong here (he usually does) - but that's my opinion, you overbet a pot and paid for it. I don't know how many times I've seen someone do that, and someone behind them wakes up with AA or KK. The only time I will make that move is with one of those two hands.



        • #5
          I felt stupid after calling and now feal verry stupid after reading the hand again. Thanks for posting it, mabey now I'll think befor I click.

          thank you,



          • #6
            Just because its in my nature to be defensive I figured out the odds for my stupid call, and confermed it was stupid. But Can you check my math?
            A courding to my matchup analizer:
            out of 1,000,000
            QdQc won 54.32% KsJh 15.54% Kd9d 13.45% 2s2h 16.68%

            so that put my hand (KsJh) at apx 1:7?
            and on the last bet befor my call there was 39,800 in the pot so I was beting 9,775 to win 39,800= .245 aprox 1:4

            so beting 1:4 on a 1:7 hand = bad.

            As always thanks for the help,


            • #7
              Glad to see 57sauce's post on this hand. He is too good a player to make these plays. I was surprised to see him involved as an all in with a KJ.

              Spades, you want these people calling. It is where you make your money.

              Still, it is incredibly frustrating to take beats on some miracle draw hitting.

              Although with 3 callers, you gotta figure you are s*** out of luck.



              • #8
                thnx guys...much appreciated

                i was really mad about this beat..but maybe i shoulndt

                1st - as noodles says is a freeroll..what i should expect

                2nd - as hazy says i didnt have such a strong hand to go all in there...(off course i did get mad after looking at the others people hands and specially the winning hand)

                on second thougs i think i should donne what hazy says..and maybe i will last a few minutes longer....

                thnx for ther info

                ps..that for hazy...i will post here another nice hand on that same freerol and table..just a few minutes before for you to analyze

                spades 8)