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did i play it right?

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  • did i play it right?

    i was in a 10/20 game at the casino the other night and had this hand. i was in the small blind, with $5 posted, and all fold to the cutoff. he limps along with the button and i look down and see two kings. i raise it to 20, the big blind calls as well as the other two players. we see a flop four handed with 80 in the pot. flop comes 37A, rainbow. i bet out 10, big blind mucks, both cutoff and button call. i now figure i am up against an ace, so i am prepared to back down. there is 110 in pot, 3 handed, and the trun brings a 2, i check (is this the right move?) cutoff bets 20, button raises to 40, i look at my cardds one more time( kind of just to say good-bye) and fold. as i fold, the button tells the dealer that my hand flashed and to table the cards. the dealer flips them face up, and everyone is amazed i folded kings. ( the game was a very loose passive game, with an average of 5-6 seeing the flop) the river brought one of my kings, and i would have won a decent pot, because the button had caught a set on the turn, and the cutoff was playing A7 offsuit, for two pair. i know in no limit hold em, releasing the kings against multiple opponents when the ace hits is the right move( most of the time), but is it in limit hold em? when i was faced with calling the 40 bet on the turn, there was 170 in the pot, and the possibility of it getting reraised and capped before it got back to me. any opinions would be appreciatted.

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    I don't see anything wrong with how you played it. If you make a read, you have to be prepared to act on it. You were on two outs, as you expected, and the fact that a K came on the river doesn't change anything. Even if you'd bet the turn, you would've been hard-pressed to call the button raise getting only 9.5-1 on a 22-1 shot.

    I would've been more upset with having my hand shown. The button may have been shooting an angle.



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      i think he was shooting an angle, as i have never flashed my cards. but who halped me out in the long run, because i had more bluffs thrown at me in the next 2 hours, and was able to make a few hundred off of those bluffs. thanks for the input though, appreciatte it.


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        really depends on the players...raising with the kings is almost always correct as you can hopefully knock out the BB and get it 3 handed. for me, i wouldnt have even been scared of the ace against typical opponents, because i would expect them to raise in either the cutoff or button with any bare ace. if they were slowplaying a big ace or AA, i would assume they would've 3 bet your raise from the SB with position on you and to see where you stood. when both call the flop on that rag a$$ board, it's time to surrender unless the K comes on the turn, so don't worry that you missed out on a pot here, because that 2 out king won't be coming much on the river and you made the correct decision. I wouldn't have even thought twice about calling for 1 bet on the turn, if the cutoff bet and the button called. if one of them folded and you were last to act on the turn after checking and it was heads up, now folding, calling or raising are all possibilities, but it depends on your opponent.

        here's an interesting limit hand with KK i had yesterday (i shared it with some other players here already, but got no feedback, so let's see if i get any here)...just read the pertinent part, i cut and pasted it from my email --

        two interesting hands between a prop and I...this guy plays the 5k minimum buy in nlhe cash game and i've played some 20 with him before and he is no easy customer...

        first hand, i raise UTG2 with KK to 30. he flat calls
        as do two other playeres. flop comes Q32 rainbow. i
        bet, he calls, both others fold. he has position on
        me. turn is 8. i decide to check, because i know he
        will bet it for me. he does, i call. i plan on check
        raising the river until the ace falls. the only card
        i check with, he checks behind, i say "u lose"...he
        just nods...not exactly the kind of value i wanted
        from the hand, but i felt if i check raised the turn,
        he would fold. i don't know how his memory is since
        he plays so much high limit poker, but i know he has
        seen me bluff reraise a ton of times, so i was hoping
        for the check raise on the river to make him think i
        missed and try to buy the pot with an AK or some $hit
        like that. comments?



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          I think you're play was right on, the only thing I would have done differently IF you didn't think your cards flahed, I would have asked the dealer to tell the player to identify what he saw. If he couldn't say at least one King, then the hand didn't need to be tabled, thus eliminating his "shot". Cheap way for the guy to get to see your mucked hand if the dealer is simply going to take his word for it. Personally, I will NOT expose a hand unless the player who mucked them knows they flashed, or the one accusing of the "flasher" can tell me what he/she saw. Just something you may want to be ready for in the future.




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            Where were you playing Jay? At Harrah's? Just wondering. Kind of stop playing there because of stuff like that. $20-40 game is even worse.

            You already know the answer to your question -- you played it exactly right. In the $10-$20 games that I have played in, players tend to play any ace, but they would never bet the weak aces pre-flop -- that move tends to start at $15-30, $20-40, when players are in late position.

            You had to fold -- can't be playing 2 outers for multiple bets -- or for one bet for that matter. Would have been tougher if only one bettor.

            You played the hand perfect, and saved EV by folding -- you know that you cannot judge by the way the hand ends!

            That is why I love Roy Cooke's column -- he wins, some and loses some, but only judges his plays by the logic, and EV of the play.

            In the long run, that wins the chips in live action games -- but it sure can be painful in the short-run -- especially against jerks!


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              Ive played in that room.....FOLD!!!!!

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