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refuse to play big one 2

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  • refuse to play big one 2

    while in a recent sat i was faced with a tough call, while thinking it over there were comments made while i was thinking after i called and after i lost the hand. heres what was said.(ive taken out the hands that happened after.

    WINGER: hey the spots aren't gonna change no matter how long u look at em
    molson wins $3,750
    molson won with a pair of aces
    j2595 finishes in 9th place
    WINGER: snap
    WINGER: hey j try the fun tables
    j2595: take yor sarcastic comments and shove them
    SENGA: there is really no call for that winger
    WINGER: oh no
    SENGA: anyone is perfectly entitled to play whatever they want
    WINGER: u know how much your opinin means to me seng
    SENGA: as you do often enough
    SENGA: a wise man will listen to a fool
    WINGER: u should know
    SENGA: a fool will listen to no man
    WINGER: wow ...can i quote u?
    SENGA: when have I ever been anything other than courteous to you ??
    WINGER: or me to u?
    SENGA: all I am saying is leave it alone if you cant say something nice to people
    WINGER: perhaps u should mind your own business
    aha12877: and i thought pso was one happy family
    SENGA: so is that what u were doing when you so rudely involved yourself with J s hand
    WINGER: i'm happy .arent u?
    aha12877: :-)
    WINGER: do u know what might have transpired previously?
    SENGA: in this game - nothing

    i think that comments like this are uncalled for at the table and to quite honest i think it is a good job i was sitting at my pc and not in a B&M casino


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    After thinking it over, I have decided that I do not wish to play with people who make comments like the above. Therefore I am forfeiting my C qualification in the big one 2 poker school can do what they see fit with my C qualification seeing as though I will now not be playing.



    • #3
      That's certainly your prerogative, althought I'd put up with an awful lot for a chance at $12,000.

      But, if you're not using it, can I have it, please?


      P.S. Winger's comments WERE disgraceful.


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        its up to PSO if they want to give it away then fine or maybe i could choose someone to give it to


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          before you give up something that you earned - please remember that obnoxious people are a part of poker, just as they are a part of life. Some people will always seek to gain an advantage by antagonizing those around them.

          If you earned a spot in the WSOP would you throw it away because pro's like Phil Helmuth (who probably would have been much worse than WINGER) were playing in it????

          disable the chat if you don't like what people are saying.


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            I have to agree with Rover, J. You earned that slot. Don't let that loudmouth you encountered blow it for you. If you don't play because of them, then they win a small (possibly large) victory.

            Don't give them the satisfaction. Go forth and play in the Big One II!!


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              You earned a C qualification and your not going to play? 8O 8O

              Unreal..... 8O 8O

              Don't let some blowhards comments make you quit! PLAY


              • #8
                If you can't put up with rude players at the table how are you ever gonna stand up to a final table in a major tourney with Phil Hellmuth?
                Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.


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                  screw it man , u won ur way it wasnt given who cares what i or anyone else says or does, You live in ur world and u are at ur pc with the chance to make dreams come true. Listen Play , the competitor in me says dont play but my heart says Take advantage in what u have earned very few people r where ur at.

                  Please reconsider


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                    I agree with all of you. I have played with the best and some are not very nice at the tourney table.
                    Don't throw that 'C' away!! You earned it. Now go for the win :!: :!:



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                      J, Don't let anyone take away a chance that you earned :P If you do that they are gloating in glory :twisted: that they got to you. Put it behind you and move forward! :wink: If you don't you will never know what could have been. :?: Everyone here at pso has their ups and downs it is part of life but I think for the most part everyone tries to get along. With the exception of a few who will not spoiled it for everyone else. Please don't let this stand in your way go and play your C Qualification. YOU EARNED IT!!!!!!!!! You may get the last Laugh :P


                      Don't Let The River Drown You!


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                        J2595: Don't let :twisted: words, make you give something that you earned away. I posted in here a few weeks ago about this very thing, and although most are very friendly, there are a few that say things that are uncalled for. I was surprized to see who was acting like this, as I have always found WINGER to be fun to play with, and have never encountered words from him, but they were said, so just let them run off your back like water off a duck. Back to what I posted regarding this behavior, it really is too bad and it seems to be coming alot from the better players in this school. People talk of this Phil H. and his mouth, is that the way you, who act like this, want to be remembered? Some players are new, so give them a feeling of being wanted and welcome, not making them feel like they want to quit, and some may do just that.
                        babe60 :wink:


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                          This has opened my eyes. I too refuse to play in the big one 2.


                          • #14
                            I'm quitting poker altogether, although it has nothing to do with this.

                            Edit: I am still playing the bigone tho


                            • #15
                              Cool!! If everybody quits, maybe I'll have a chance!!
                              In all seriousness, don't hurt yourself over someone else's stupidity!
                              Get back at 'em, and take all their chips!