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A little ridiculous

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  • A little ridiculous

    3 am last chance event.

    9 people start.

    6 qualify.

    Sorry, that's just a little ridiculous to me. Bash me all you want, but I think it's stupid. Why don't we just let all PSO members in instead of having this charade.


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    What's wrong with charades?


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      I have to agree with Hazy on this one! I busted my rump to be eligible for the Rd. 2 events, and get a "B" qualification (for those of you who have played against me, you KNOW this was quite a feat! lol). And now I find out I could've waited, and played agiainst only 9 people in 1 event, and gotten the same qualification? Maybe a little adjustment does need to be done for the next "Big One".


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        what you mean played ?

        you could wait till next week sign up go to bed and wake up with an A seat.

        this was clearly stated in may when the big one 2 was announced and i see nothing wrong with it

        who know i might be needing to get into the big one 3 this way so i say keep em.


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          Anybody else have a feeling of Deja Vu?

          Peace, Starrs LSOGC


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            I did not become a member of PSO until mid-July. I apologize for my ignorance of anything that was stated/posted/announced before that time!


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              I don't have a problem with Last Chance events per se, but come on, 9 people, 6 qualify - just get rid of them, and let everyone in. Why waste time playing?


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                Why waste time playing?
                Doesn't that apply to poker in general?


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                  damn, i got home from work at 4:15 and was wondering why it wasn't it the lobby. I thought they went away already.


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                    I agree with hazy. It is dumb. 9 people come on!! I however do agree with LC events. But think that all members should be able to play them especially rhe A's who have a harder road then the winner of the LC's the A's qualify against WAY harder competition in the Round 2 Events. I know because I earned my B this past weekend in the round 2 twice and know how hard it was to do, let alone get in to the tourney through monthly leagues. If we are giving LC to people make them earn it by playing against a tough field. I mean myself & others had to earn our way against people who already had D's C's B's and A's not just newcomers and players who didn't even qualify for a round 2. Even the people with A's earned in round 2 had to beat 60 players who qualified for the event not just 3 players who are in the same boat. Some of the players who made it tough for me: Freddieboy, Apryllshowers, QuartzForce, Top2Pair, thehazyone, the rose, Bumblebeeru,just to mention a few but the difference of competition is astounding from the Round 2 to the LC. Even worse with only 9 players and six get in. My solution Open the event to all and if the unqualified get in the top 6 then great they deserve to be there.

                    Thief 21


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                      Agree with Hazy .. 5 of 9 getting an 'A' and one getting a 'B' for winning is a tad silly. The # of qualifiers should be related to # of entries, just like multi prize-money

                      Another small illogic is that 20th - 3rd in a Round II get 'B's, whereas the sucker who comes second and subsequently loses the 2nd place headsup is still left with a 'B'. That's a lot of hard work for no qualifying improvement on a 20th in the Round II.

                      (yeah , it's personal :roll: . I have to get by the dreaded Dreams to progress to a 'C' No fair !! )


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                        Noodles said:
                        Why waste time playing?

                        Doesn't that apply to poker in general?
                        OK, I'll ask,,,,,wtf is eating you?


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                          Rosita said:

                          Agree with Hazy .. 5 of 9 getting an 'A' and one getting a 'B' for winning is a tad silly. The # of qualifiers should be related to # of entries, just like multi prize-money

                          I like that one. Only top 10% get an A. The top 1, 2 get a B, depending on how many signed up.


                          PS, same old same old discussion we had last year.

                          PSS, Mark said we would have 750 people in the Big One II, so we all knew about this.... Still poker should always be about risk/reward, so maybe next year make it a tad tougher in the LC events


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                            Any owner of a business like Poker School Online would want as many of it's clients to be able to participate in the largest Promotion or the year. Nothing leaves a more sour taste in the mouth of a brand new client than for someone to say: "No, you cannot do that because (any reason). PSO is a business. A business I like to frequent. I do not fault the business owner for doing everything possible to make it as viable as possible including encouraging all who can spell AK to participate. Yes, someone who decides to join late in the year can play, but they aren't playing for the same stakes as you are (I honestly haven't figured out how the thing works, actually).
                            Relax in the confidence that what got you to the event will take you through the event or be realistic about your chances in the first place and let someone who can win, do.



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                              it just got worse

                              6 qualify

                              7 enter

                              talk about tough competition