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Scholarship online tourneys

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  • Scholarship online tourneys

    I am new here and no where near winning any of the scholarship money but was wondering if in the future when I do win some if I could use it with some online tounrments because I live in Texas where there are no legal tournments. Plus the fact that I do most of my playing online I may never be able to schedule a trip to a real poker tournament. I have two small children and have a lot of trouble getting away for a couple of days. Of course by the time I make some scholarship money my kids may be starting college. Thanks I have really enjoyed playing here at PSO.

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    I doubt you could use it online.


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      Being a fellow Texan, I can relate to not having any poker in Texas. However, after I initially did not see the value to me of the sponsorship points, I noticed many of the (better) players intentionally planning their number of games to jump to the next higher League to win the top honors. It took a while for me to understand the many 'games within the games' going on. Managing bankroll, improving stats, points, Big One II, and several others. There are people who think they're cool for wearing a funny virtual hat...all kinds of things going on. I believe the whole idea is to get you to think about and focus on the things that improve your game. Tracking it and understanding what actions are the most profitable. I encourage you to have the goal of getting to the final table in every tournament. I know you cannot win if you are not at the final table. You will eliminate the behaviors which keep you from your goal and compete at a higher and higher level. Study the leagues and the top players percentages for the month. See what it really takes to win something here. Then set out to do it. This place is far more that just Tournament poker. Have fun and improve with measurable progress in reasonable time. Along the way, kick some ass.

      See ya and welcome to the school.



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        Even if you have no local tourneys available, the scholarship points are valuable. I travel to Vegas app. 4 times per year. If I had the points available, I would certainly time one of my trips to coincide with a big tourney.