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some players wait a lifetime

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  • some players wait a lifetime

    some players wait a lifetime and never see a royal flush but it happened to me today.
    heres what happened.
    j2595 dealt down Ah Jh
    Zebediah posts the small blind $400
    DixielandMan posts the big blind $800
    ***** raises $2,000 to $2,800
    pokerwidow1 folds
    Abercrombie1 folds
    Rover folds
    j2595 calls $2,800
    WeakAce folds
    Zebediah folds
    DixielandMan folds
    >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ Kc Qh Th ]
    ***** bets $4,975 and is all-in
    j2595 raises $1,276 to $6,251 and is all-in
    ***** shows cards Kd Ac
    j2595 shows cards Jh Ah
    >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ Kh ]
    >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 9h ]
    j2595 wins $1,276
    j2595 wins $16,750
    j2595 won with a royal flush
    ***** finishes in 16th place

    thats all for now

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    CONGRATS!! Feels good, doesn't it?? I've had one since I've been a member here. It came in the EM Warmup Final, and helped me to a prize finish. Thinking I MAY get another one, someday! lol
    TC and GL at the tables!


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      my first str8 flush, as a kid, playing draw, against my sister
      i had 2356 of clubs, drew the 4, and guess what she had.............the dead man's hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unbelievable hand, but true, jesus i won a lot of matches there


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        I had one today too and it beat quad J's!!! I have had 3 since I been a member at PSO (1 year)

        Congrats to you!! Hell congrats to me too!! LOL!

        SANEIGY :arrow: 8)


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          I've had 2 royals. One was in a dime quarter home game, playing 5 card draw jacks or better/trips to win. Pot had already been passed several times and was a decent size (for the game) when i was dealt a royal flush pat.

          The other time was on Paradise. Flopped a royal holding AQc, won a whopping $7 pot in $1/2 game.

          I was dealt a pat queen high straight flush in a pot-limit draw game once, a pot-limit lowball game. :