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new poker book??

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  • new poker book??

    hey all,
    my wife was at the mall today and brought home a new poker book, i said wow this is cool thx babe, but in my mind i said who the hell is this guy.

    the book is " winning poker for the serious player" by edwin silberstang

    my question is has anyone ever read this book or know who this guy is?

    the intro says he is a top authority and has over 40 books out and is sought after by the top pros.

    i have it now so i am going to read it but i would like some opinions of my fellow pso'ers who may have read this or heard of him and how much you value his material.

    thx. jokerAA

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    Re: new poker book??

    Originally posted by jokerAA
    sought after by the top pros.
    they looking for new fish?

    sorry not read book or heard of him just couldn't resist


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      Go to and look up the reviews. It got mixed reviews.

      Silberstang has spread himself a little thin for me to invest in one of his books, he has written a craps, poker, casino gambling, blackjack, football betting, bridge, etc.

      What is the phrase? Jack of all trades, master of none? You never know though. Please let us know if the book contains value.




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        I was going to make this same post! But I bought The Winner's Guide To Casino Poker. Hey it was $5.00. I havent looked at it yet. I picked it up because it has a section on pinapple, and lowball.



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          The first poker books I ever read were from my local library (all copyright 85 and before). They were "Scarnes Guide to Modern Poker", "Some Generic Poker Title" by AD Livingston (good math section), and How to PLay Winning Poker by Silberstang. It was great for me as a raw beginner. Introduced basic concepts like hand selection and playing tight, betting your hands, etc. Pretty basic, and the guy isnt a "noted professional poker player" but a noted professional gambling writer.

          Does show your wife was thinking of you tho



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            Originally posted by gojacketz
            What is the phrase? Jack of all trades, master of none? You never know though. Please let us know if the book contains value.
            I have the book. I agree with gojacketz. Better put your money on a specialty book. I am currently studying Ciaffone's PL/NL Hold'em. I recommend any of his books.



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              i have found that most of the books that i find in my local barnes and noble or other bookstore, are all of the basic "how to beat" generic type of books, written by people that are just trying to capatilize on the millions of people who are looking for a sure way to hit it big. but, i have had them order me books before, they just dont stock them. any book i have read by sklnsky, malmuth, ciaffone, cloutier,etc. have all been good books. if you have a good grasp of beginner level play, then go straight with a book for advanced players. if you want to start at the beginning, then go ahead and get a beginners book, then graduate to advanced. i am sure poker pages has a book section on their website.


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                I think the old saying "you get what you pay for" aplys to poker books too. Don't buy anything under $20.00

                that seems to the low end avg. for a "good" poker book.



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                  Not sure about the $20.00 thing. some of those can be pretty worthless too. I tend to buy based on the "record" of the author; the author's "reputation" in the poker community; recommendations from RGP, here, and other forums; and the suggested readings from authors I already like.