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Appologise to me geezer!

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  • Appologise to me geezer!


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    pokermats: I agree with you there is no reson for anybody to say anything about someone elses style of poker playing. Who do these people think they are? I have only seen good sportsmanship in you and that remark is uncalled for.



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      i don´t like to be told that my game sux.
      I am sorry that you don't like to be told that. If you paid attention to what is being told you in this regard (not, incidentally, just by me) you might be on the way to doing something about it - if that's what you want to do.

      You seem to think that you have some magical concept of how to play this game - you don't. You have had some short term success playing in a way similar to the "system" that enables David Sklansky to ridicule the sort of setup found in PSO tournaments, by taking advantage of those who put "survival" at too high a priority and fall victim to absurd tactics.

      Being superstitious and delusional aren't the signs of a bad person. You seem to be a very good person which is much more important than being a good poker player. You are almost always in good humor and have good words for most other players.

      But don't continue to rib yourself into thinking that you have a clue about this game - you don't.


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        That's harsh baby.


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          hommina hommina hommina oh righteous one!!!

          hey geezer guess what...

          As "BAD" as pokermats is at poker, you are ten times worse at people skills. Get a clue.


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            The written word can somtimes seem more harsh than is meant.


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              I consider Matts a friend but I am not posting for that reason alone. IMHO, any type of unwanted public criticism of another player should not be warranted. After all, if all of our games had no holes, we won't be paying to a school, we would be teaching it.

              Now, in the fraternal effort to help our fellow PSOers, if one is willing to take the time and start a mutually agreed private discussion about his/her game, so be it. But I can't see any perceived good to anyone's game from public tongue lashings.


              "And That's all I have to say about that!!!"

              Forrest Gump


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                Just one word of caution...

                Please remember as you read Geezer's words, his evaluation of his own play, which I believe he has described many times as “mediocre”.

                Then remember the way he signs all of his emails..."love"...

                Is there anyone who doubts that his motivation for saying such "harsh" words to Mattias is for Matt's benefit?

                To be honest, I worry about many of our younger members, especially those who don't have much experience playing this game for real money.

                Now mind you, there is nothing I can do but worry, especially since I have neither the knowledge, the skill, the ability nor the opportunity to help them in any meaningful way.

                All anyone can do is offer the benefit of their own experience and observations, which I believe, is what Geezer and many others are trying to do with not only Mattias, but other PSO members in similar situations to Matt’s.

                This game has a dark side. Anyone who thinks it doesn't has not been around it long enough, or simply doesn’t want to see it.

                We talk about it as being a "hobby" like any other form of recreation and entertainment...and it is. However, it can also be something else as well.

                It can be, and will be for many, the most destructive force they will ever deal with in their entire life.

                Is it my imagination?

                Does, the “Dark Side” exist?

                Is it also my imagination that this is something that doesn't get mentioned much, in fact, hardly at all, here at PSO?

                If this is true, this tendency to “ignore” Pokers “Dark Side”, I can’t help but wonder why it is so?




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                  Steve has some very good points here. Geezer may actually be helping Matt (in a strange way)-- IMO he is correct that Matt has been playing by some sort of system lately(raising all-in when the pot is small ect.) instead of seeing the entire picture. When I was first learning how to play poker this old guy-- who played very solid would make nasty comments towards my play and criticize me about everything. It took awhile but I eventually learned that he actually thought I had potential and was just trying to improve my game. He later took me under his wing, gave me books, and just talked about poker all of the time. I couldn't stand this guy at first, but now that he has passed on, I miss him and wish he knew how much I appreciated his insights. Maybe this isn't Geezer's intentions at all but it may help your game and motivate you just the same. Good luck,



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                    Let us not forget, that the original thread started by Matt taking some "bragging rights" about his FIRST B&M experience. Some of us have been around poker and poker rooms for a lot of years on a semi or very regular and in some cases daily basis. I see nothing wrong with commenting on his posted comments, and I don't think anyone was trying to reflect upon Matt as a person.
                    There is a "dark" side to poker, as with any gambling. It is perhaps "darker" in poker, because many will say, "poker is NOT gambling, it's skill", in order to justify to themselves or others. It's not all about either, but it looks dark when you see the number of people who have nothing but "the rail"...they've lost their family, job, home. They go from day to day trying to beg or borrow that next buy in. They score big one day...the next day they're broke. (But it was a great game!) can indeed be dark.
                    I agree that the posters are only trying to impart some hard earned knowledge and experience to those who may one day find themselves watching from the rail.
                    Don't let your emotions keep you from gleaning the good from life!



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                      Boy, we really take ourselves very seriously at times don't we?

                      Anyway, for what it's worth...........

                      Over 40 years, across various poker tables in private games and in casino's, I've often been shouted at, threatened with various weapons, punched and endured various other forms of verbal, physical and psychological abuse, (to all of which I took great

                      But really, to be told that I'm superstitious or a "poor player" and get annoyed about it and demand an apology???? Christ I could lose the will to live!!

                      Come on guys, get a grip on isn't always polite and "gg" or "n1" or "gl" many times it's in your face, up close and personal and if you can't deal with it then you might have to question whether you're ready for the step up from virtual poker to the real thing.

                      If I were you Matt's I'd start challenging Geezer to some heads-up, you might've found a way to get at him. But it's probably a waste of your time making demands that ain't likely to have any effect. Geezer speaks his mind and he speaks from the heart (which probably isn't made of flint) and calls it how he sees it. If you don't like it, stand up to him and send him a PM or an e-mail, you're only compounding his actions by publicising them openly in the forum.

                      If I have one problem with Geezer's comments it's just that I think he has a command of English (which is his first language) that puts you at a disadvantage (although I wish I could speak another language half as well as you speak English). Personally, I think that it's unkind of Geezer to use such erudite language which immediately places you at a disadvantage.

                      Apologies, shmapologies! :lol: :lol:

                      You should both take a plane to Tunica in January and shout loudly at each other! Or throw mud at each other! Or have a fist fight, then have a beer and forget about it and play some cards.

                      Geezer, if you want to comment on people's play good luck, I never heard of anyone being "superstitioned" out of a tournament. (But if you comment on my play, I'm gonna get you.............I already know I'm rubbish) ops:

                      Matt's you seem a really nice guy, with a ready smile and a sense of humour. But you're gonna get badly burned if you're gonna let this sort of "stuff" get to you, OK so you don't like it but you can maybe turn it to your advantage if you feel you can learn from it. Or, you can play your game, your way and to hell with everyone else (it seems pretty successful from where I'm

                      I know..............after the numbers of educated comments from Pokergoddess, Stevetel (nice to see you posting again, pal) Noodles, AZ, Chino, CannedHam etc. etc (whew, some heavy hitters there) it's a crappy post, but what the's from the heart!


                      Shoeless Joe


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                        Becoming a master of anything, whether it's being a poker player or a plumber requires aptitude and a lifetime of dedication to the "craft". Take great caution whenever evaluating yourself, our ego likes to play "jedi mind tricks" and convince us of our own greatness.

                        Once in a while a person comes along with such natural ability and drive to succeed that they learn at a geometric rate and become a "master" at an early age, or without the experience that's normally necessary for others. Phil Ivey may be that "shooting star" in the poker world - he's very young and has quickly become one of the most respected poker players in the world. But, if you asked him about his own game he'd likely say "I have a lot to learn."

                        For someone like geezer, or anyone else who's played poker for a lot of years (a lifetime), it's probably very difficult to hear a "youngin" talking up their game, especially after observing their play and knowing through years of experience that it is anything but profitable.

                        It's a shame that younger people don't listen to those with more experience - a very unusual human trait. Someone who's 15 years old might try to help an 8 year old learn to ride a bike. The 8 year old will argue and complain, and claim that "I know what I'm doing". The 15 year old will be frustrated, thinking "I have way more experience riding bikes, why won't this fool listen to me?" Later on that same day, the 15 year old will be given some advice on another matter from someone who's 25. Will the 15 year old think "wow, this person has a lot more experience than me, I better listen to what they have to say."? It's doubtful. He'd likely think the same thing the 8 year old thought... "I know what I'm doing."

                        Open the door to knowledge by listening to those with more experience than you - not being able to handle constructive criticism slams that door shut and will only hurt you.


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                          I'm a lengend in my own mind!



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                              Mats... it's paragraphs like this one:

                              When i played my 8/3 ok and won a huge pot worth about $150...
                              I had the sb and i got nooo cards at all and i just felt that i pay another $2 (which is not much for a bad hand one timer play)
                              I also got a strange feeling before and i know this sounds strange but i better stop talking about that. It almost never hapens but sometimes it does...........

                              Something said "dont fold this hand"
                              So i put my additional $2 to the pot and i hit a miracolus flop with my 8/3 off....Flop= 8 3 8 then my play after this flop was GREAT!!

                              I did the right things to make a good profit out of this miracolous flop!
                              That put a lot of doubt in some minds about the decisions you are making at the poker table.

                              and i just felt that i pay another $2 (which is not much for a bad hand one timer play)

                              If you will play 83o, then you will play any two cards. This means that every round you will be throwing that $2 away on the SB, and once in a great while you'll hit a winning flop. If you think this can be profitable, then you are in your poker infancy and haven't learned a whole lot yet. Either that, or you're playing at a limit that's too low for your BR. If you were playing 20/40 and it was going to cost $10 to call in the SB, would you call? What about other positions besides the SB? Couldn't you play 83o in middle position and hit the same flop?

                              Something said "dont fold this hand"

                              "Something"? There is a little gambler inside all of us who wants to be free - I guess that's the voice so many hear. The other day in an O8 tourney I was counting flop % and two people at my table saw 39 out of the first 40 flops... and I'm not sure but it seemed like the one time they each folded was an accidental timeout. They also had voices telling them "don't fold this one".

                              Tell that voice "go to hell" because you know 83o is total chit no matter what kind of feeling you have - that voice is the same one that tells people "bet on 7 black, it's going to hit!"



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