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    Hi everyone. Well yesterday we made a major change in the firewall configuration. That was at around 6.00am CST yesterday (Tuesday). Since then I have been monitoring the software and it seems that things are certainly better BUT I am still talking to players with problems. I would like to determine the extent of the success (if in deed there is any) and will make another poll here. I will not consider anything a success until we have seen better stability for at least 5-7 days. All I can say at the moment is that at this time the last 24 hours seem to have been better than before. It really helps me if lots of you take the time to answer the above poll.


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    Whatever changes were made have helped dramatically with the "Connection to Server Lost. Shutting Down." message I was seeing 10+ times a game. However, I am still getting frequent Javascript timeouts when updating the lobby, as well as tablle freezeups for 10-15 seconds, which has cost me a hand or two. Their frequency is dramatically lower, though, so THANK YOU.



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      hi mark
      I know I promised never to post again butttttttttt
      last night 11 pm uk time i froze up in a satalite re booted and never got back on neither could i get to school pages i assume just network
      but thought you would want to know cos uk has missed out on probs up to now just logged in now at 6-30am everthing fine


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        I can't believe only two players have said they time out regularly. If you time out on a regular basis please post it. Otherwise Mark might get the idea things are much better. They are not.

        Thank you,


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          I can tell you that the above numbers are as I expected. I know that the changes we made on Tuesday so far have made a dramatic difference to many but not all players. I can see that in our logs. Basically the logs are now back to where they were in terms of disconnects and timeouts before our move.

          Having said that I am not taking anything for granted. I will not consider this as "fixed" until we get over the weekend without an increase in timeouts/disconnects. Now because of these problems since the move it is understandable that anyone still experiencing problems will naturally assume the big isue is still unresolved.

          In the meantime I am happy to work with anyone that is still experiencing problems.



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            I can say since Tuesday morning I have only timed out once,but I do have some lag here and there. I have not disconnected since then but alot of tables I have played someone has had a disconnect problem. I know at about 8:30 pm in a single sat apryllshowers was still having problems.....


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              I played yesterday at the 1pm PLO8 tournament (for the first time in two weeks, I might add). Not only did I have no connection problems, but the lobby and the tables seemed to run smoother than I was accustomed to.

              I was so happy, I stuck around and finished third.



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                I was so happy, I stuck around and finished third.
                Steady on there!!



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                  I have not played much at all since the problems started but I did play a few sats yesterday and was still having timeout problems. Not nearly as bad as last week, but still much worse than before the change. I wll try a multi or two and will post if I continue to have problems.


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                    I haven't played at all for a few weeks as I invariably get timeout errors when entering the lobby and presume this is a bad sign. Ditto this morning when I was aiming to play a sat or 2 (about 6 a.m. CST). New tracert below, still seems to be bouncing slowly around the way it was before :

                    1 160 ms 156 ms 155 ms
                    2 152 ms 156 ms 147 ms
                    3 143 ms 147 ms 139 ms Serial5-1-1.GW4.LND10.ALTER.NET []

                    4 141 ms 138 ms 164 ms []
                    5 153 ms 138 ms 139 ms []
                    6 134 ms 145 ms 158 ms so-0-1-0.TR1.LND9.Alter.Net []
                    7 218 ms 213 ms 213 ms so-6-0-0.IR1.NYC12.Alter.Net []
                    8 210 ms 229 ms 213 ms []
                    9 226 ms 213 ms 237 ms []
                    10 219 ms 221 ms 222 ms []
                    11 225 ms 220 ms 212 ms POS6-0.BR3.NYC8.ALTER.NET []
                    12 234 ms 213 ms 220 ms []
                    13 227 ms 212 ms 221 ms []
                    14 240 ms 220 ms 220 ms []
                    15 244 ms 230 ms 220 ms []
                    16 249 ms 229 ms 238 ms []
                    17 269 ms 254 ms 254 ms []
                    18 261 ms 270 ms 254 ms []
                    19 298 ms 246 ms 262 ms []
                    20 266 ms 254 ms 259 ms []
                    21 258 ms 278 ms 254 ms
                    22 262 ms 278 ms 254 ms []
                    23 * * * Request timed out.
                    24 * * * Request timed out.
                    25 *


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                      Mark and all, Since the change on Tuesday I was great.

                      Until Friday. I was disconnected at least 10-12 times over the course of 2 tourneys this morning.




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