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Jackpot Games on FT

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  • Jackpot Games on FT

    Has anyone tried these ? They are three handed tables, with starting stacks of 500 chips. You get to see some weird and wonderful hands in them, and they are really good fun. A jackpot is awarded to each table prior to the deal, of between 2XBI and 2,000XBI and it's winner takes all. Although there is facility to make a deal. The Higher Jackpots pay out to all players, I think , I've not had one yet so can't say for sure, but I seem to remember something along those lines in the Promo E.mail. Anyway, I played a $1 one last night and the Jackpot was $6. My first hand was JsJh and I was UTG, I raised to 100 chips and was re-raised by the SB to 200 the BB called and I jammed All in and they both called me. They BOTH turned over AK suited, one in Spades and one in Hearts. The flop came Jc 6c 2c and I'm thinking GREEEEAAATTT all over in one hand and a tidy profit to boot. Turn comes Tc, still in front but now if a Q comes I'm *******d. River is 4c and we end up chopping three ways back to square one. The very next hand, I'm BB and get dealt AsAh, UTG folds and SB shoves All in. I send a silent thankyou to the poker Gods only to see him turn over AdAc. The Flop, Turn and River doesn't improve either of us, so we end up chopping again, all square back to 500 chips each, 'Bummer'. The next hand, me SB, I am dealt....guess what.....AsAc....Three crackin' hands in a row, it MUST be this time. UTG raises to 90 , I re-raise to 150 and BB Jams. UTG folds and I call, obviously. Surely it can't be AA vs AA again ? He turns over TdJd........ and then the FLOP Ah Kc Qd and my jaw drops through my lap top. I'm thinking to myself, 'please pair the board, or even TJ on the turn and river so we chop again, and if I get dealt AA again, I'll muck em straight away.' ( as if..) lol The turn was 2d, so only A , K , Q or 2 can help me 10 outs. The river comes 6d, giving him a Q high flush, talk about rubbing it in, I mean wasn't Broadway enough ? All in All though, real good fun and a great way to practice three handed and Heads Up play. umbup:umbup:umbup:umbup:umbup:umbup:
    3 Time Bracelet Winner


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