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Anyone read.......?

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  • Anyone read.......?

    I stoped by porders today and droped $150 on books. I picked up a few titles I knew like Hold 'Em Excellnce and more Hold 'Em Excellnce . (your geting a royalty check Mr. Dean) And Sklansky's Tournament Poker But one I never heard mentioned the first is called High-Low-Split Poker by Ray Zee
    Its part of the advanced players series from 2+2 pub. Has any one read this? And how did you like it? I was going to see if any of you had any imput on it befor I cracked it open so I could return it and get a differant one.

    Thanks for the help,

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    The best high-low book available.


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      Good book. I am rereading it at the moment.



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        Completely agree with Noodles -- well-written and great combination of theories and examples!

        Just my opinion, but the books EVERY player at the school would benefit from reading are, in no particular order:

        1. Theory of Poker --Sklansky -- I have read it 10 times and learn something new every time.

        2. Middle Limit Poker -- Brier -- flat out the best book for allowing you to see hundreds of hands and analysis in various situations. Designed for limit play, but great for showing how likely holdings and flops will interrelate. Favorite book on poker.

        3. Hold'em Excellence -- Krieger -- right up there with Brier's book, and even better for beginning and intermediate players. Awesome refernce book, cogent thinking, and great tips!

        4. The Art of War -- seems trite, but this book IS A MUST for anyone who aspires to play no-limit holdem in my opinion. Concepts easily apply to stack size, position, bluffing, pushing advantages, and conserving in times of uncertainty. Swear you will thank me if you read this book. It is my Bible for my style here at the school, and in real money tourneys, and I credit this book for my consistent money finishes in no-limit tourneys here at the school.

        5. Zen and the Art of Poker -- Philips -- Great book for preventing tilt, going with the flow, using opponents bets aginst them, trapping, and other skills that are vital for a no-limit player. I refer to it before every live tourney I play.

        6. Word Freaks -- Fatsis--Has nothing to do with poker, but rather the world of "professional" Scrabble players. Brilliantly details one man's introduction, and eventual obsession with big-time Scrabble (no need to point out the analogy with some of us here lol). The desire, doubts, effort and hope to become world-class in an endeavor acts as inspiration and a warning to us all.

        I love poker and I love reading. Think I have (certainly have tried) toread every book written on poker, but I still have much to learn, so look forward to new ones!

        Hope the list above offers you enjoyable and informative reading!



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          Thanks for the replys.



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            Ray Zee's book is indeed quite good.

            tko, you and I think alike. The Middle Limit book by Ciaffone (and Brier) is a great piece of work, really gets you to think about hands.

            Another one that I like is Roy Cooke's "The Play of Hands". It is just basic articles, some excerts from magazines, about hands he played, why he made moves, etc. It is like $20, probably cheaper on Amazon, and good to get you thinking about the game.

            I gotta find that Art of War one, haven't seen it.



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              Art of War is not a poker book, but a book written by a great warrior centuries ago. But the war (and peace) analogies are perfect for poker. You will find it on Amazon -- you will love it!

              I agree with you about Roy Cooke. He and Brier are my favorite columnist in Cardplayer!


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                I keep hearing that about the art of war. Have to buy it soon. Does it take a lot of thought to apply it to poker, or is it a simple process?

                The middle limit holdem book. Would you say it was useful fora big-bet player in any way, and is it more Brier or Ciaffone style in writing?



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                  The Art of War by Sun Tzu is an excellent book. You can apply it quite easily to any competitive process, including poker.

                  Middle Limit Holdem is very much Brier...if you've read his Card Player column, you know what this book is all about. He takes a series of concepts (flop play, semi-bluffing, slowplaying, etc.) and presents a series of hands for each concept, explaining what the best play is and why. Very fascinating read. Definitely not for big-bet players,'s meant for exactly what the title says.



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                    Shame. I like reading poker books anyway, and middle limit poker has always sounded interesting. I am just scared that it would screw up my big-bet game even more lol.


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                      YOU will love Art of War. Right down your alley. Awesome analogies, and I promise you will be quoting it once you digest it. Little book, and will only take a couple of hours to read. But I truly believe a lifetime to parse the subtle nuances.

                      Middle Limit: same thing. Brier preaches a very aggressive approach, and loves to push small edges, so it will once again be right down your alley. Will apply the best at the early rounds of big bet tourneys, but the entire book will really help you get to the second and third level of reading plays and players. Everytime I reread it I am reminded of how little I know.