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Dan Colman - Why the haters?

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  • Dan Colman - Why the haters?

    For those that don't already know the story, Dan Colman, a 23 year old poker pro from Boston, took down the One Drop for a staggering $15.3 million after beating some of the worlds best poker players. Poker pro win millions, what's the story you ask? Well after achieving this he then refused every interview and even had to be persuaded to pose with the winnings and bracelet for the TV shots, something most people dream their whole lives of doing. He had left the building within 5 minutes of doing this and was heard saying he didn't have any interesting in promoting poker or himself. These actions seems to have earned him a lot of criticism from many in the poker world and I am wondering why? I've always like Colman (I say always, I've only know who he is for a year maybe) and I think he's getting a bit of a raw deal.

    The main reason behind this hate seems to be the argument that it doesn't take much to promote the industry which has provided him what most would consider a desirable lifestyle. Also he seems to have gotten a bit of flack over not giving himself the opportunity for lucrative deal with poker providers and the like (especially with the rumour he only had 10% of his own action). But I fail to see why it's such a big deal. He's not being paid to be on TV, he paid his entry to play a poker tourney, that's all. And if he doesn't want to promote himself then that's his choice.

    He finally came out with a statement on 2+2 which you can read here and I have to say I don't disagree with a word.

    So what do you guys think? Does he deserve the criticism for his actions or do you agree with his views?

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    He won M$15.3 but he paid a $1,000,000 buy in.

    It might be a lot of money to win, but 15 X BI is not a massive win in my opinion.

    The Sunday Millions pays way more than that to all the FT.

    His Profit to Loss ratio is a bit minimal I think.

    Any winner of a 45 man Sit & Go could claim to have achieved the equivalent.

    It all boils down to whether or not that is a high buy in for you.

    Obviously for him it was not.

    On occasion, and it is only on occasion, I have won an MTT, but no-one has ever come to me and said I should promote Poker because of it, and I won far more than 15X BI.

    Actually he only won 14.3 million, 1 million of it was his own entry fee.
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      The people doing the complaining are those who love the lime light and want their name out there. they do not have "promote' the game.

      I you have a game this big and can't generate any hype unless the winner stands next to "his" millions, Then you need some new PR Guys.

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        I thought these guys normally had to sign contracts when they enter to do media stuff, especially for an event that's promoting a charitable cause

        If he hasn't signed a contract to do this stuff, then I guess he can do what he likes.


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          I agree with spand42. I think, after reading his statement, that he came in contact himself with some of the bad sides of poker. Why would he give people the false idea that poker is all fun and making money, while only a small proportion actually make a profit. Poker is great when you win, but can be sickening when you lose.

          And Bill Curan, I think you can't compare winning a couple of hundred bucks to winning $15 million. 15 million can most people only dream of. These are the kind of stories that attract new players to the game, which is good for the poker community, the gambling companies etc. because that are the players where you easily win money from. Dan decided to do not help with this and I understand him completely.
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            Originally posted by spand42 View Post
            I thought these guys normally had to sign contracts when they enter to do media stuff, especially for an event that's promoting a charitable cause
            Everyone playing in the WSOP has to sign a media release, so that the media can use their images, etc. It's also normally mandatory for any of the winners or even final table players to have to do a media session, if the media so desires.... I know this one because I had to sign one last week.

            John (JWK24)

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              All these 'hot-button' poker issues (about whether high-profile players have any sort of responsibility to promote poker to the public or be role models, about how negative are the negative aspects of poker, etc) seem to have come up before with different people, like with regards to Pius Heinz, etc. So it seems like maybe Colman's just attracting more of a spotlight because of the size of the payout, and it's recency (is that a word? )

              And then I thought of that thread/blog that Faraz Jaka started, about how those big prize payouts can be really deceptive, because people are usually so heavily staked so that their payout winds up being a mere fraction of the big ticket figure. And also, the costs of being a live high-stakes tourney grinder are astronomical, with the buy-ins, and travel costs, food, etc.

              And that made me feel like while it's sort of interesting to read peoples' thoughts on things, probably there's other 'poker issues' I find more compelling, like the rate of rake, etc.

              It's interesting to follow though ... NVG over at 2+2 sure has had a lot of activity this summer, hasn't it?


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                The other Daniel's point of view if you haven't read it.




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