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    To day I received a letter from a staff member, saying he had received a complaint, that BABYFLO and myself were in collusion the other night in a omaha 08 tourney. :x MY first impression apon receiving this letter was amazement. Then I thought why wouldnt this player that complained email me. I just want everyone in this school TO KNOW, that I have never ever cheated in a poker game in my 40 years of playing, nor have I ever ever been accused of it. My daughter Lorie ( BABYFLO) at this time is in Crotia and will be until the end of January. I have no idea what she is playing, or why she folds, the only thing I can think of, is I do know she has been having a lot of trouble with getting frozen or disconnecting, but I do not know if this happened at this particular game. Which by the way is probably the only game I have been at the same table or even in same tournament with her since she left in September.
    I do not know why she would fold a hand nor I am sure she has know idea why I would fold a hand. I do know there is never a complaint when a player freezes up when there is a huge pot and doesnt win. Do they think the player that won , and the player that disconnected or froze is cheating< GIMME A BREAK :twisted:
    If anybody here in this school thinks or has a problem with me, step up to the plate here and now.
    I guess that is about all I can say is I DON'T CHEAT and would never do such a thing. If this person or any person has a problem with playing at the same table as BABYFLO, BIG RED 31 OR BABE60 then don't play

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    What a ridiculous thing for anyone to say about you Babe!

    I have always enjoyed playing with Babe, and she is the last person at this school that I would even consider as a cheater!

    She is a delight at the table, pleasant, takes bad beats well, and is always quick with a witty comment or joke.

    You can play in my game any time, and invite the whole family!

    I am confident the game will be straight-up, and fun!



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      Thankyou tko for the response and the compliaments, and you havent played with me as long as the players that were at this table with me. Shame on them, that they would not know me better by now. I wonder what the others thought at the table when I folded Quads, after putting 35K in the pot and got reraised $300.00 by someone to put himself all in, and I folded by mistake. mmmm I sure hope they dont think I was in collusion with this stranger. Brother, I tell ya this has me HOT


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        Babe, girlfriend.....
        Calm down know we "mature" girls don't need to get our blood pressure up because of some "crybabies" whining.
        It's not only ridiculous, but outright stoooooopid for someone to make that comment. Hell, don't they know you're like me and not smart enough to cheat???????
        Seriously Babe, it has to be "sour grapes" or someone just not paying attention to who they were speaking about. I for one will vouch for you anytime, as being one of the most honest and sincere people in this joint. Don't let it bother's just not worth your time or letting yourself be upset.




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          Well I aint involved. I haven't made the accusation, or seen anything at the tables. But then I am very unobservant lol.

          The only comment I would say is that talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. So it doesn't really matter what you say in this post on the forum. Maybe the accused players would agree to the school posting the hand in question onto the forum and bring it into the open, allowing us to then reach a conclusion based on facts rather than words. If you are innocent then this is the best way to prove it. In fact, it's by far the best way to defend yourself. Are you two agreeable to this?


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            Hang in there, Babe! I can't tell you not to be mad, 'cause I probably would be, too! I can tell you that I have always enjoyed playing and talking with you VERY much, and look forward to many more games with you in the future.
            Still smiling about the "boat" you thought you were on last night!


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              Noodles, I would love to post the hand except I donot know how to do this as i am not too good on the computer


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                Originally posted by Noodles
                Maybe the accused players would agree to the school posting the hand in question onto the forum and bring it into the open, allowing us to then reach a conclusion based on facts rather than words.

                having been accused of cheating myself i have to agree once i have to agree once mark printed the hand in full in the forum and nothing was wrong with any of the play (expect me getting bluffed off a pot at the river) and everything was fine.

                the only problem is if a there is no note of the hand number it is hard to find the hand in question.


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                  Originally posted by babe60
                  Noodles, I would love to post the hand except I donot know how to do this as i am not too good on the computer
                  Reply to the staff member asking them to make the hand public on the forum. Assuming of course that they know the details of the specific hand in question.

                  Did they not mention a particular hand in the email? I doubt they would write such an email without first seeing the hand in question themselves.


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                    I have heard some ridiculous nonesense in my nearly 70 years of playing poker, but I think this is the most absurd situation I can ever recall encountering.

                    When I read the first post by Babe I thought someone must be playing a big joke on her - like a "roast" or something.

                    Please tell us who made this accusation so we may flame them properly. I don't know if the Babe family is as irate as I am but I find it unacceptable that anyone would make such an accusation to the school authorities.

                    Whoever did this should come out in the open so we can see how stupid they are.


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                      I think that posting the hand is a good idea. I Support Babe 100% even if the hand is not posted. Question, why are the names of the accusing players not mentioned. If they are going to waste the time of PSOL employees then post the hand, prove Babe's innocence and name the members that sent out the useless accusation and are wasting our time.


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                        thanks for the support my poker friends, but I do want to say that, I have requested the hand to be posted, wheather it gets posted or not I do not know, and before you all get going down a path, in this hand which I hope gets posted, BABYFLO folds a str8, for what reason I do not know, except that she told me she got disconnected. The real point here in my mind is the fact of getting accused of this, on one hand. Now if this was a constant event when we are playing, I would understand anyone thinking that. So lets see what happens when the hand gets posted, in the mean time, when I do see any one of these 5 other players at my table, I will ask all the players, if they have a problem playing with me at the table.
                        I of all people tell others not to show reaction, but getting accused of cheating with my daughter,made me react like a Bear with her cub.


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                          Don't be so quick to condemn the accuser. Would you prefer that they went straight to the boards and made a public accusation? Would you have preffered that they made a big stink at the table and got everyone all worked up?

                          Not knowing what happened, it sounds as if the person that thought there was some suspect play did the right thing and brought it to the attention of the management of PSO. This is the only way to properly understand what happened at the table without placing blame with incomplete information.


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                            I knew it! It's that Mother Daughter connected from birth so you can beat a play money internet poker game...thing. I always wondered why you won...

                            Although there should be limits in good taste if nothing else to what people will say when they get beat...there doesnt' seem to be. I have decided to encourage any dilussions losers have about how impossible it is for them to beat me...because if I say it, they doubt it, if they say it---it's true.

                            beat em.


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                              Personally, I think the accuser should reamain anonymous unless they themselves reveal who they are. Otherwise people may feel too intimidated to make a complaint to management.

                              I cannot understand why the accuser came in for so much stick. According to babe, her daughter folded a straight, so I don't know why people are having a go at the concerned member that complained to management. To somebody that doesn't know the 2 players, but knows they are related, it would look suspicious. I for one am glad they complained.