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our deans lessons on flushes

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  • our deans lessons on flushes

    i would remind players that our deans latest lesson on playing agrresivly with flushes are aimed at LIMIT holdem not NLHE

    allthough in some cases playing a draw in nlhe is the right play more often than not it isnt as a "good player" will not give you the odds to make your draw.

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    He's talking about betting a draw and not chasing one.


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      in limit holdem
      against a solid player unless the money is very shallow (in which case why is there action on the flop as the money should have been in preflop) you will not get the odds to bet a draw as a solid player will make you play your draw for all your chips by coming over the top of you with there made hand.


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        Gotta be frank here -- I'm a little weary of virtually all ( all ?) of the formal PSO "lessons" being LHE oriented.

        The members themselves, right here on this forum, have certainly provided massively valuable lessons. Stuff that has opened my eyes to big-bet fundamentals of which I had no clue (and still struggle to put into practice 8) ). And, way back, Mark's NLHE hand replays (sadly demised, it seems) were often valuable too.

        C'mon PSO - this is a 90% big-bet poker site.




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          NLHE/Limit Draw Differences

          Clearly, I'm not an expert. But with that caveat, here are my thoughts:

          Truly, one of the big differences regarding NLHE vs Limit is playing draws post flop. Assuming that there were no big raisers pre-flop, one of the "cliche" things to do in NLHE when the flop missed you but gave you a flush/str8t draw that you believe will be the nut flush/str8t if another of your suit/one-of-your-ends hits, is to bet a 1x bet if no one has bet before you. Standard rationale being five things: 1) You may win the pot right there 2) being first in may thin the field (in case you don't hit the flush/str8t but hit one of your cards) 3) define other players hands/disguise your own 4) while you may not have the pot odds on the betting round itself, you do have some very large implied odds 5) You may buy yourself a free river card (one bet to see two cards) and 6)possibly even more reasons that I can't think of/don't know.

          The "hope" by doing this is that it will only cost you one bet to catch the flush, and that if you checked several people may bet/ re-raise after you and you couldn't chase the draw financially responsibly.

          Very good NLHE players who have hit there hand with the flop will recognize this strategy fairly quickly, and eliminate it by re-raising after an amount that will make the draw financially irresponsible. I see the very good players (Apryl, TKO14, jmuzzey, etc., etc, to name a few at PSO) recognize this very quickly and bet big to make the drawer leave post flop.


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            bruno never bet 1 bet unless you are trying to build a pot you have strangled and you are looking for a player (drawing dead) to call 1 bet where they would fold to any more.

            i'll let noodles rip into this post to explain why