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need advice please

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  • need advice please

    im just wondering if anyone suffers from the same problem as i do. the problem i have is that i cant play in tournies the same way i play in sats. what i mean is that my tourny ranking is like 37% and sat ranking is like 62%. i suffer from the same problem in real life. an example would this past weekend i played in a home game live action limit holdem and won about $75 dollars but as soon as switched to playing $10 tournies i lost the 3 we played and i went out rather early in them. does anyone have any suggestions that could help me out? its starting to get a little fustrating.


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    What are you doing different in multis vs sats? For that large of a difference you must be doing something different. A 62% sat score is roughly equivalent to a 65% in 50 player multis and I don't see how you can have such a disparity in results without taking a vastly different approach.

    Since your multi score is that low you must be busting out very early very often. If this is because you are trying to build a stack early, be more patient. Early on with relatively deep money there is no need to push. Play premium hands, but play them hard and fast.


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      the play and skills you need to play in a single table sat, a large field multi and a cash game are all totally different.

      alot of cash players never make good tourny players and vice versa.

      in tourny you should treat a single table sat like a final table and play as such.
      in multis the problem is getting to the final table
      to do this you need to break the game into 3 zones early middle and late the hands you play and the way you play them change dramatically depending on what zone your in. the gear change is vital as in the early stages you can limp in small drawing hands and fold them when you miss the flop but in the middle and late stages winning a hand without a flop and targetting smaller stacks becomes vital.
      multis are rarely won in the first 2 hours but bad play can make sure you wont win them. in a single table sat getting lucky early and doubling or trebling up early gives you a huge advantage this is so not the case in a multi.


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        just by the percentages, i would guess that you dont have a whole lot of patience or discipline. in a sat, if you get the chip lead early through aggressive play, you can push other people around usually without any worries. in a multi, when someone gets knocked out, someone else fills their seat, so you have to play a much more patient game and you cant push the same edges that you do in a sat. same in a live game. you can stand up after winning a few pots and be up 25,50,100,or 500 dollars and say you had a good winning session for the night. but how long did you play? did you just get a quick rush of cards, then decide to quit? or are you playing for 8 hours to make that 100. poker played properly is pretty boring, but if you want the money in the long run, just prepare yourself for a little boredom.............


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          Early on in tournaments, assuming deep money, tournament and sat play is more like cash games. The exception being since you can't win in the first few levels, but you can lose, you should be more selective pre-flop. Post-flop play shouldn't differ greatly, just dont push the thinnest of edges. As the money gets more and more shallow play differs more from cash game play.

          Early in a sat versus early in a tourney are almost identical, but you can be a little less selective with opening hands in a sat than in a large multi.


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            You are probably unable to fold top pair.


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              i can fold top pair but i think maybe one of the BIGGEST problems i have is trying to figure out if someone is on the steal or when i have a middle pair. alot of times i will fold but only to find out that the person stole the pot with crap. so next time i see that and i call them or even worse raise them only to see them catch a river card and take all money in process. so far this i have had pocket aces beaten a bunch of times but thats not the problem the problem i have i when (now this month) i have been heads up with someone and we have both had pocket aces only to lose to them when they pull a flush out on the river. i know im rambling but its been that kind of month so far and only the 4th
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                I think you need to give examples of typical hands that you get eliminated on. Being sure to give stack and pot sizes at the points of all key decisions. It's too difficult to give advice otherwise.