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Notes On Other Players

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  • Notes On Other Players

    As recommended by almost every poker player I have talked to, I try to take and keep notes on the play of my opponents. It has helped me in a lot of situations, in making a decision. But, because I am NOT one of the most organized people on the planet, I have probably missed more "note opportunities" than I have used. 20 seconds, ( and sometimes 40 or even 60, if I hit the "time" button) are simply not enough for me to find the specific player/players that I am up against. What this is all leading to, is this: Would it be possible to add a "notes" feature to the software? Something that would allow us to double-click on a player's name, to bring up a "notes" section, for that specific player? Other sites I have seen offer this, and I do not know if this subject has been brought up before, but I would like to see it offered here. Any other "thoughts, ideas, or answers" to this?

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    Has anone tried using a voice recognition program to take notes during play?


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      I am wondering about taking notes durring live play ( in a real casino). Do you sit there with an actual note pad? I could imagine the other players becomming upset with this. How do you handle the names of other players? Do you ask them their name? I would think that they may not respond so well to that. Maybe you write in notes...older woman who wears such and such. I am sure after a time you do get to know names and nick names. But does anybody have a good way to handle all of this without being too obvious and or getting some unwated attention and nicknames from the other players? Do any of you have a system of what information you keep?



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        I don't think that you want to be seen taking notes on players in a live action casino game. First, this subconciously causes other players to play better. Secondly, it makes them feel quite a bit uncomfortable. Try to practice taking notes online on paper and then try using things to remember them by in your head. You can try to make up stories about the people that make sense so you can remember their style of play, any tells, and how they react in certain situations.


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          When I play online, I always have my Olympus Digital Voice Recorder by my side. I go back later and turn these into notes.

          I also use the note functionality on other software.

          Hand History being available would really help, that is where I notes from the most. I sift through the hand histories and find all sorts of patterns. Takes some programming to set up since I don't use StatTracker or PokerTracker or whatever those things are.



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            I sorta cheat in live play - I bring a notepad, but I don't annotate anything while I am sitting at the table - I will wait til I go to the restroom (people must think I have a bladder problem) or until I go home that night and try and work off memory (which is usually pretty good).


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              I know people who take notes during poker games in Atlantic City. This really doesn't bother me. Really, who cares? I don't think a player who plays badly can reverse their play for very long. Bad habits and plays will remain dominant.

              It's much easier to remember how players play when you can see them. :roll: I take time, when I sit down to play live, to learn the players at my table. Generally, if you focus on one or two players at a time, you will see who is tight...who is loose..and their tells, if any.



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                This is interesting. I must say, I have never seen anyone taking "notes" in a B&M tournament or ring game. Seems to me, that if you watch the play and watch every hand, whether you are involved or not, that you will be able to gleen the info that you need fairly easily, and not need to take actual physical notes. Some casinos prohibit "reading" material at the table, including note taking , so it's not always going to be possible even if you would like to do so. Additionally, I'm a bit curious as to how you make a decision in your notes about a players "style" unless you have played with them many times. Afterall, people being human, have "moods" and on any given day, you may be experiencing a "mood" that you won't see again for six months. I play with some of the same people often and yes, I do know things about their play that I have learned from dealing to them and playing with them, but it's been my experience, that it doesn't take a whole lot of "studying" in a B&M game to determine someones style of play in that particular session. I guess I just don't put the same value on note taking that a lot of people here do, but that's just my opinion.




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                  WOW! I am impressed with the response! My original post, though, was concerning play here at PSO. Perhaps I should've posted this in the "software" section. Live play isn't the problem for me, as I am usually very good remembering faces, actions, and associating the two. My problem at PSO is, playing against so many different players with nothing but names to go by, it is hard for me to keep them all organized. I have played at sites that allow you to keep notes on every player, and was hoping I might get some support to get that feature here, also! Or, I suppose I could just get more organized!
                  GL at the tables, All! And looking VERY forward to Tunica!



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