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Cleaning up from Firewall Hits

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  • Cleaning up from Firewall Hits

    I just got hit again with another major firewall security breach. I did not accept the executable file change, but when I went to uninstall the poker software (from a respected pay site), the uninstaller had been deleted. I went into windows explorer and deleted all the files, directories, folders, and shortcuts pertinant to the program. Am I safe to play again after downloading a new version of the software? If not, how can I make sure that any "dirty" files are no longer on my computer?

    For Everybody

    If you want to play online poker, have a firewall on your computer. Also, do not accept file changes that are not software updates from the pay site. These can be files that send info back to another player from your computer. This bypasses the encryption because your computer's poker software unlocks the encryption for you, so any files sent to relay info from your computer could benefit another player. What I have experienced is that something will go wrong with the program causing it to crash. At that point, you have to accept a file change to your poker software to get back on the site. DO NOT accept it and continue playing. It may be nothing, but why take a chance?

    For any techies out there, here is the report from my firewall:

    A Major violation that is outgoing on TCP protocol....application changed PartyPoker.exe


    Application has changed since the last time you opened it, process id: 4294530623
    Filename: C:\Program Files\PartyPoker\PartyPoker.exe
    The change was denied by user.

    ---- Modules changed: 1 ----
    C:\Program Files\PartyPoker\PartyPoker.exe
    ---- New modules: 0 ----

    Source IP: (like this is any help)

    Backtracing turned up nothing when I gave the whois command.

    Can anybody help me learn how to clean this stuff out?



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    Anytime you see IP 000000000, do not accept. All zeroes is your computer.


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      So your saying that a 0000 source with an outgoing direction is actually something that is transferring information from your computer to somewhere?


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        I don't know which direction the info is going, and I know little re: online security, but I've been told that IP address 0000000 is your computer, and if such an address comes up on your firewall, deny access.


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          I'm done playing online anyway. I cashed out today for so very little profit that it wasn't even worth it. I'll probably never forget how bad it was. Funny thing...I got great and I mean great cards all day. Nothing worked. Sorry for the bad beat lecture, but I've got to get it off of my chest somewhere and maybe it will be hidden in this little post. I write down the hands I'm involved in, so here's the day (if you don't like hearing people complain, you may stop reading here):

          Sat down and AQs....flopped 2 pair and someone had a set of 4s

          Dealt KK and someone raises all in with AQs...I know the rest

          Dealt KQs (clubs) on the button....someone else has clubs...but it is bye-bye money


          A stone-cold bluff fails...oh well

          Dealt AK...full house....beaten by a royal flush
          (-83) Yes, I won a hand...but I don't feel like being positive

          Dealt KK again....set of 3s wins it


          next hand....aqs....the real bonehead play of the day
          I lost my mind and went all-in with aqs after the flop after raising dice...I lose to a flush...this one was really stupid

          Get dealt KK again and the flop is 987 with 2 hearts....I bet all-in because I sensed that someone was drawing....TT calls me and rivers their straight


          And, to add insult to injury

          I'm in the Big Blind and am dealt 85 and the flop comes 855. I flopped a boat. Next card is a 6. River is a T, making 3 clubs. Looks like a st8 or flush got there...but no worries...I have a boat....nope....I lost again....but 43 on this hand.

          That was it...I cashed out and am done with it....I can't handle that type of loss.