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    hi there,

    playing in a 100+ player NO-LIMIT tourney, 60 left blinds 50-100
    my stack 4700, 9handed table, i am UTG and raise 400, all fold
    except the BB.

    flop KdQd3c BB checks and i bet 1000, leaving me 3200
    he comes over the top for 3000, as i know him to be a pretty
    solid player i ponder this through and then FOLD.

    did i make the right or wrong move, all replys more than welcome.

    good flops always

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    All-in! If player had KK, QQ, or KQ, or K3, Q3, then so be it. MUCH more likey player hit one King, or even Queen, and putting you to decision for your chips.

    I would never lay this down in this position -- you got what you wanted -- all of your chips in with hopefully the best of it (especially with 60 left).

    Just my opinion.


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      all depends on your read on the "solid player"

      and did you have the Ad?

      a solid player in bb would not call a UTG raise with KQ (with no callers) they are alos not very likey to call with 33

      with KK they would have come over the top of you preflop so basically the only hand they could have had that was beating you was QQ more likely had AK or a flush and straight draw

      but this all depends on if you had the Ad and your read on a solid player.


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        I don't know enough to really answer this, but here's my shot at it.

        One of the following things occured:

        a) the player is not that solid and couldn't get rid of KQ which plays terrible against a raise (no solid player would do this)

        b) the player slowplayed aa behind your raise knowing you would bet the flop

        c) the player holds qq

        d) the player, looking to bust you, played 33

        e) the player flopped a diamond draw and made a big semi-bluff

        f) the player flopped a str8 draw with AJ and decided to make a semi-bluff

        g) the player made a stone-cold bluff

        options a through d look the most viable, so I would say that the right play was to fold. Like I said, I'd like to know a little more about the player before making the actual decision.


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          Being check-raised all-in, heads-up against a solid player, on that flop, I would usually call. Could have QQ, but AK is most likely. An example of a close situation in the sense that it is heads you are buried, tails opponent is buried.

          You say he is solid, but you don't say what his view of you is, Not that it really matters in this situation, but it may make it even more of a call than it is.


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            Thanks noodles...I completely forgot to mention ak. Ak is the most likely of all.


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              Originally posted by diej2002
              Thanks noodles...I completely forgot to mention ak. Ak is the most likely of all.

              wait did i not say that in first

              Originally posted by ironside
              more likely had AK or a flush and straight draw
              noodles stop copying me lol


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                Ironside....I give you full credit. It was Noodle's failure to cite your text and give you the proper credit that caused me to be in error. Just, please, please, don't tell my english teacher :wink:


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                  dont worry it was noodles posts for the past months that allowed my thinking to come to the fact the proberable hand a solid play would have is AK