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    I have been tied to my current Avatar for awhile.
    It isn't unique, if you google "72 offsuit" its like the 6th image on google images

    I picked it when i started, at first PS said no to my first image which was, I believe a picture of a 72o as playing cards but was told that it was too close to actual card images and dissaproved. I chose this one very quickly but fell in love with it as time went along.

    I love the monochrome feel with the sharp red and black colors of the suits.

    I have however used this for too long now and feel that something revised is needed.

    The only problem is I have no real idea what to change it to.
    I thought about designing my own one but that just felt like work (and what would it be, a B, 2 and D in some cool arrangement)

    I think this is a lot more important than people give it credit for because I have to see that hiding behind my hole cards once I fold and the last thing I want is it to be mocking me.

    People take notice too, I have a few players I recognize by their Avatar.

    I have this regular I run into in the $1.50 27m games called HectorTroyan and he has a black stallion image as his, very distinctive and iconic.

    Any thoughts?

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    I had an ''I love limping'' avatar. It was very unsuccessful. What kind of image do you want to convey? I chose mine because Robb Stark is an inspirational character in Thrones . And Direwolves are cool.


    • #3
      I don't know

      I want something more serious rather than comical

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        Can't go wrong with an avatar of one of your heros/ fav musicians
        Bracelet Winner


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          Nah, I want it to be more individualistic.

          I follow a guy on YouTube, runs a poker training video section and he has a team (won't say it as it will get bleeped out) and they have avatars.

          But not sure


          • #6
            I'm no artist but if you can find one or even photo shop. what about the 2D playing card riding a surfboard with the grim reaper in the background or maybe surfing towards. maybe riding a sea of flames.



            • #7
              For the time being I have gone with a new one whilst I think of a permenant replacement.
              Its based on a poker trainer i follow and the "team" he created around himself to encourage his training and guidance platform.

              Will have to keep thinking


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                Good luck on getting yourself stacking!


                • #9

                  Hoping that it brings be good fortune and possibly some fear equity too

                  I think he is a really good teacher, good spirit and he has proven himself to make good money too (as well as encourage other members to do the same)

                  Looking forward to putting my faith in this Avatar, lets hope the Triple Threat brings home the bacon!


                  • #10
                    I would try some key words on Google, you already said what you want so try, individualistic Texas holdem avatar's

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                    • #11
                      I did this in 9 minutes to give u an idea.
                      I will make an avatar for u if you want, just let me know.
                      You can choose your own images, this is just a very "rough/unpolished" example I thought of "on the fly", so just let me know if you are interested or whatever.



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                        I love it. That's my favorite hand lol. 10 jack suited is but yes I want this one!! Thank you tons!

                        Never give up!


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                          jk I know its not for me but im jealous.

                          Never give up!
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