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Pot Limit Omaha 0/8 hand.

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  • Pot Limit Omaha 0/8 hand.

    It is 20 minutes into the 1k starting chip tourney. I am in the big blind and am dealt 237J. EVERYONE at the table limps in for $25.

    Flop comes 737 with two clubs. I have the nuts but I only improve with a jack if someone else has a 7.

    What do you do here? I bet pot which was 200. It is folded around to late position. Late position player reraises the pot so it is $600 to me. What do you do?

    I doubled up earlier and am sitting with 2,200 vs the reraisers 1,000.

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    well, my opinion, you are holding the nuts right now, i reraise him all in. he could have a 7 also, or 33, or on a flush draw. if he draws out on you to a better full house, then there is nothing you can do. put him all in and see what the poker gods have decided.


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      The only thing the other player could have is a draw that could beat you with 2 cards to come.....9 outs at best if i figure correctly. (holding a 7 with three overcards to your fullhouse). A gutshot straight flush draw is the only other draw that beats you.....a single out. You have the best of it and I doubt the other player is going anywhere after the raise.

      Jay has the right answer.....pot it again and hope he doesnt get lucky


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        I sould like a real pushover for even asking questions on this hand. I do really well in the limit Omaha and Omaha 0/8 games but have a very subpar record in the pot limit Omaha tourneys.

        I hesitate with this hand for two reasons. The first reason is the two low cards on the board. My opponent wasn't one of the usual maniacs. I have to assume he has a 7 and the low draw as well. My equity decreases quite a bit with the two low cards on the board.

        The second is my inability to improve my boat.

        The opponnent had A257 with two clubs. This is a very strong hand with that flop but I think it was a mistake to go all in since he was potentially drawing to both the high and low. I imagine he saw the A2, two clubs on the board and his 7 and thought I have a ton of outs here. It would have been in his best interest to call the $200 on the flop and go all in once he either fills up or gets the third low card on the board.


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          Yeah , I was thinking he must have A27x, probably with a low "x".

          I wish I had an O8 simulator, but at a guess I'd say he's not in bad shape versus your hand. In fact he's pretty unlucky to already be up against top boat (what holding a 7 himself and all), so it's totally understandable he repotted especially if he had A:c:x:c: . I'd say his bet was totally correct assuming he has the nut flush draw (but I just got off night shift ... make allowances)

          When you say 'my equity decreases quite a bit' because of his nut low draw I think that's an understatement. Any A or 5 and he scoops. Any low card and he takes half.

          Given the chip count I'd guess you'd be right to get him all-in, but he'd certainly be right to call at that point.

          Great game eh? 8)


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            If you run the odds here, I think you should raise.

            He is likely on a low draw, and with a draw to the "possible" high nuts.

            Suppose two of his cards are an A and a 2. Maybe, he has a 4 and a 7, a 7 and a K, whatever. Assume the worst: THAT HE HAS A 7.

            At max he has 9 outs to a nut high. You are 2 to 1 ahead here.

            Figure 70% chance of splitting the pot, 30% you scoop (if he does not hit his high).

            But his 9 outs to a high gives him a 33% chance he scoops.

            Suppose you reraise the mazimum of his chips. Another $1000. He calls $1,000. There is $1,000 in the pot. A total of $1000 at play.

            The math is (I think) for EV:

            66% chance you have part of the pot:
            30% You scoop and collect $3,000 (.3X$3,000=900)
            70% chance you split and collect $1500 (.7X$1500=1050)

            .66 X 1950 = 1300

            33% chance he hits his high and you collect $0. (.33 X $0 = $0)

            In the long run you collect $1,300 on $1,000 bet, IF HE HAS A 7.

            I say you gotta do it. But it may hurt, IF HE HAS A 7 or hits some miracle combination.

            But there are all kinds of other possibilities here. How about an A33x? How about the guy has a 79KA? Or a 679T? Hard to believe what garbage people play in O8. HE MAY NOT EVEN HAVE A LOW DRAW.


            Could BA or someone check my math?

            BTW if they do have Ax, then your Win some is 75%, lose all is 25%, and your EV is $462.5 ($1462.50 - $1000)