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World Poker Tour

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  • World Poker Tour

    I have been waiting in antici.........pation for any word on how the World Poker Tour is doing and when it would possibly start airing and on what channel.

    Has anyone heard anything?

    Their site is one of the most Non-Updated sites I have ever seen and I cannot find any info about production anywhere else.

    Any rumblings anywhere?

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    in a past issue of cardplayer, i had read something about the WPT airing this january. i dont know if it is scheduled still, and i have no idea which channel is going to pick it up, but i would sure hope they do some advertising before it airs. their objective is to get poker to go mainstream, and that wont happen if people dont know about it. only the casino and internet poker players know about the WPT, they need to get the word spread to the 50 plus million homes that play poker at the kitchen table everymonth.

    if i find anything out, i will post it here.........


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      I actually just got some more info from another site:

      High stakes poker player and self made millionaire Lyle Berman is bankrolling the production of the World Poker Tour, a made for television series of tournaments which looks likely for the Discovery channel, but has no slot yet.
      The promotional video features Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patton as commentators. Van Patton did the commentary for many of the old ESPN World Series of Poker productions…


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        Interestingly enough, the WPO is one of the "freeroll" events for the WPT and I can't find out any info about what the heck is going to happen as far as that freeroll during the WPO. 8O
        We have a flyer in the room announcing "coming soon...$10K freeroll for the WPT", but that's all it says, and I never see any of the "day" people to get any more

        You'll be happy to know, we spent our breaks last nite, stuffing envelopes with a new mailer with the correct WPO schedule...lmao.



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          Chrisinger...............Rocky Horror fan?


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            Say it ain't so!! Van Patton was the WORST commentator ever!

            His insipid, obviously scripted comments were excruciatingly
            painful to listen to...
            "There are two left now. I wonder who will win?"


            • #7
              It will also certainly help if the poker player develop their own "on camera personas" their characters. Everyone needs an image. Marketed properly and with proper participation by the players, it could be a hit. But only if the people have someone to root for. All the people will have to be able t find their hero that they want to win it all.


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                Clay: Absolutely. I was wondering if anyone was gonna catch that one.


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                  Agree with Huk, Dick VanPatten is the pits as far as a poker commentator. For someone who supposedly knows the game, he is less than creative in his verbage. The only one worse I can imagine would be Hellmouth !!!!!




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                    ".....(dealing) cards for sorry, cards for pain."

                    Clay 'I'm going home' Knight