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Any one going to US Poker Cham

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  • Any one going to US Poker Cham

    I live in the East Coast and hope that there are a lot of PSO members at the USPC at the Taj in Atlantic City.

    I went last weekend and won 5 of 7 Satilite tourneys. 3 single (all no limit holdem) and 3 rd in Stud super sat. (paid $800), and 2nd in No-Limit Holdem super sat. ($4800 cash--but i should of got first in that..a $7500 seat). So I have now taken off of work the next couple of days.

    I enjoy playing online at PSO, but nothing beats live action!! I must says kudos to this site though, because I would never have gotten the experience of No-limit holdem any where else.

    I am not promoting the tourney, but I am hoping that there is a decent PSO member presence there. Be sure to look me up there. Karim Bevans.


    8) Play well all, and muck aces if your behind.

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    CONGRATS on your good satellite finishes!!

    Let us know how the tourney goes....and if you get to meet any PSO'ers...


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      Hey, great job, Karim! Saw that you took 2nd in the stud, very well done! Hope you get many more final table finishes...upset I can't be there, but got these things called finals in the way...

      Best of luck...



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        PSO player on fire..USPC Taj..

        Thanks all. I have been on fire here. I got second in the $300 buyin stud tourney (we choped it 1st and 2nd prise money, because we were basically tied in chip count), he beat me for the title though. We played awful when it got heads up, because we were both very tired.

        I busted out in the No-limit holdem the next day Dec. 4th. I am playing in the $500 stud tourney today. I wish I could see a bigger presence of PSO memebers, but I am sure not many of you are from the North East area.

        Thanks for the support though.



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          Congrats on the stud tourney.

          I'll be there on Sunday for the $500 NLH. If you're going to be around PM me and maybe we can grab some lunch/dinner. I was also there yesterday for the $300 NLH, but I wasn't playing well and went out pretty early. The blinds were only 50-100.

          The sats looked like a crapshoot so I didn't play any, but if you think they're juicy, maybe I'll take a second look.

          Peace, Starrs


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            Looks like we have yet another REAL poker player



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              I had the opportunity to observe your play in the 7 stud super sat last night. You played very well, with very aggressive situational play, especially when down to 2 tables. Congrats on a fine performance and we all hope you keep it up.

              New Jane- he most certainly is a player (I had a front row seat).


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                ill be there

                trying to win a sat or two so i can get 500 for nlhe
                ill be wearing the black rugby shirt i wore last weekend when i played 3-6 and won 300, probably fri nite, but defuinitely on saturday
                see you there


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                  I am from Pa but not good enough for those tourneys. I played my first tourney at the trop two weeks ago. Did not do well. Do you play at the tourneys at the trop? We will be going back down next week i believe.


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                    Thanks all...

                    I placed 5th in the $500 stud turmey. I am still upset at my final table play though. I was chip leader (barely), and every time I pushed a short stack all in they caught on 6th or 7th street. Oh well. I will be back up there for the NLholdem this sunday. and then the $4000 stud and I will try the Championship event $7500 NLholdem.

                    Wish me luck.

                    By the way I meet one of our very own kahlua. She did very well in a NLholdem sat. She was very very very short stacked against the leader heads up. He would not make a deal..her getting her entrance fee back ($45 or $55), and he take the $500 voucher. So she did what any other PSO player would have done. SHE CRACKED HIM, and won the whole sat!!!!

                    Congrads Kahlua and good luck in the main event.



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                      im so excited to hear of all the good play by pso'ers



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                        This is all great news. Fantastic BevK...... Now I can't wait to get to Tunica )

                        Mummy says I can stay right till the end wooohooooo :lol:

                        Thought I was only there for 3 days but now it looks more like 3 weeks. Anyone got a bankroll they want looking after :P



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                          How far will $100.00 Get you?

                          Joybell :lol: :lol:


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                            Congrats Karim,

                            I watched your play a little bit at the final table of the $300 stud event and would have said hello if I knew you were a PSO'er. I did happen to catch the final hand from a distance and it's a shame you couldn't catch anything on that as I believe your opponent didn't have much of a hand either.

                            I was there only for that night to play a couple satellites (didn't particularly like the structure and set-up of single-table events...compared to foxwoods) and to play in the NL event the next day where my QQ fell to AK (all-in preflop) just before the antes kicked in.

                            Congratulations once again on your two great finishes (and your satellite success) and good luck in the upcoming events!



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                              I met Karim after the day of his win...Congrats Karim!!! He has a winning personality too!

                              I am still hoping to meet other pokerschool members..I will be at the Taj tomorrow and play on Wed. in the 1k limit holdem.

                              Good Luck to all poker school players at the Taj.