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big pairs

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  • big pairs

    we all love big pairs but why are they so hard to fold

    ok AA and KK are hands that should not be folded EXCPET in rare cases but QQ and JJ are hands people(including myself) find hard to fold.
    lets think about it QQ is the 3rd best starting hand on a par with AKs
    when SHOULD you fold?

    JJ is a little easier its already beat by 3 hands and only 50/50 with KQ AQ AK. knowing this is surprises me why so many people get married to JJ preflop? (i seen me throw in a full stack knowing i am at best 50/50 early in a tourny)

    as the pairs get smaller TT 99 down to 22 the number of hands you are beating falls and the number of hands that you are coin flipping with dramitically increases

    yes when in a coin flip postion i would prefer to be ahead going in but think that more thought needs to be put into calling "ALL IN" with any pair smaller than QQ.

    views please

    all the above based on equally sized stacks early in a tourny with deep money.
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    Re: big pairs

    Originally posted by ironside
    we all love big pairs but why are they so hard to fold
    Because when we have QQ or JJ and have raised preflop, got a caller, and made a decent bet at the flop that has an A or K, we "know" we went in with the best hand and "know" when they pop it back that they called with some A8 or KT garbage. Then ego sometimes takes hold. It's tilt. Been there, done that.

    Several months back when I was trying to get to grips with this crazy game I posted over on another forum about the trouble I was having with stuff like JJ. Someone said "It's the 4th best hold'em hand. Raise!!". Someone else said "It's probably the #1 hand for getting busted. Raise!!"

    8) :wink:

    take care



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      all the above based on equally sized stacks early in a tourny with deep money.
      If it is deep money, then in general, no pair lower than KK is good enough to play for all your money preflop. Whether raising or calling.


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        I concur with you Noodles. It even gives people, including myself, trouble in cash games. I try to remind myself that "just because I raised preflop does not mean that I should push it all in on the flop. I can check fire a good bet out there, check and fold, put a feeler out there. don't have to go all-in just because you raised preflop. But, if you're like often be left going "D'oh" and slapping yourself for trying to overpower someone playing AJ with an A on board with your pocket jacks.