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A goot play?

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  • A goot play?

    Most of my posts have been plays that did not work out.

    WPO, 74 players left. 20 qualify. Blinds at $1000/$2000, antes $300. Soon to be $1500/$3000, antes $500.

    I have $13000 stack. Due to table dynamics and the fact that there was one limper ahead, I call with KQ clubs for $2000. I hate calling, this late in tourney.

    The flop is 8T3, 2 clubs. SB bets out for $4,000. Decent player it seems. I put them on a T. All others fold.

    I figure I have 9 outs to clubs and most likely 6 outs to K or Q. Using a handy dandy Sklansky chart, 15 outs gives me a 54.1% chance of winning.

    I go all in to see last 2 cards.

    The river is a gorgeous club.


    BTW Not meant to be a brag on my "Goot" play, just wanted to change the tone of my posts to show that sometimes our calculated risk-taking does pay off.

    PS But, I went out 27th to a 2,3 vs my KQ. Ouch.

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    Sounds like a good time for a calculated gamble to me!

    Too bad you got caught by mississippi slick before you could qualify! = (