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Has anyone ever folded Aces?

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  • Has anyone ever folded Aces?

    For joke? Or by mistake? Or you were afk? In anyway?


    I thought it will be fun to talk about it. (especially if someone has a story folding Aces on preflop :p)

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    lots of times postflop

    preflop a bunch of times by timeout or misclick

    at least once deliberately preflop on the bubble of a setellite.


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      Preflop, only on a satellite bubble and also a league bubble. Postflop.. tons of times in every type of game.

      John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Timebank-folded a few times when I lost my internet connection. It was agonising. (HEM stats look a bit weird with VPIP of 99.7% for AA).
        Bracelet Winner


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          Too many times to count post flop. Haven't you?

          I've never in in a bubble situation to fold AA pre but I have KK.


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            This guy was up over $100k and just wanted to ride out the rest of his hands, can't blame him as it's a lot of money, the game was also PL pre-flop and NL after. Check it out

            Triple Bracelet Winner


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              Originally posted by crazyesdumno View Post
              This guy was up over $100k and just wanted to ride out the rest of his hands, can't blame him as it's a lot of money, the game was also PL pre-flop and NL after. Check it out
              That was in the Big Game, I watched it when it was broadcast. He said, even before it was dealt to him, that he would be folding all the rest of his hands even if he got AA. ( He was the loose cannon ) He was at the time the current leader in profit and was miles ahead of the other profit makers, and so was in line for the $50,000 Vegas package too. He only had a few hands remaining from the 150 total hands played in the series, so he would have been totally reckless to risk losing all that, when all he had to do was sit back and collect. umbup:
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                Yeah, I watched that "The Big Game" episode also. It can still be watched at here:

                The thing is that with that format it would be really hard to get it in pre-flop. It's pot limit pre-flop to force the "loose cannon" to have to play post flop with the pros, and with him up so much in profit all he had to do was lose some blinds and antes to keep the money. They say in the episode that he was up "three times his yearly salary" in profit. I think he just should have not looked at the cards, lol.

                I wonder if they will make any more episodes of that series. I enjoyed it.


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                  Yes indeed. Usual happening is to have the red / black aces and the board comes up with three clubs / hearts, and the players who called your heavy pre flop bid are now pot betting. Other one I can remember is having the aces, three or four players call, and the board is a mid-range straight. (6 - 7 - 8 ) So far, it's been the right call, as I would have lost after the hands were revealed. Did the same in a live game. Heavy bet, guy calls. Queen-high flop. Guy goes all-in. I figured he had pocket queens. He shows and that's what he had. Fortunately, it being a social-poker club, they rabbit hunted the last two cards. Guy would have caught quads on the river.

                  So if somebody tells you they never folded aces, they lie or haven't played long enough.


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                    I was making a snack and I returned just in time to see my aces folded, I felt so gross afterwards


                    • #11
                      Only folded once, I was at a final table in a SNG and there were three shoves in front of me, and even though I had 50% equity against them and it was a +EV call I felt that my edge was big enough to fold and let two players bust and then try to win. Only problem was that I would've won, noone got knocked out and I lost some weird hands after. Hmmmm.



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