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my top 10 prediction

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  • my top 10 prediction

    well after reading all the suggestions for peoples top 10 in the big one 2 i feel that there is one person that everyone is missing yes you guessed it me!!!!! 8O
    j2595 who the @#%% is he??? :? i can hear you asking yourself, i now see people checking my stats, a ranking of 850 with 45% rating and a bankroll just in the top 300 is this guy insane 132 tournaments with only 6 wins, this guy has no chance. :roll:
    but i put this to you, stats DO NOT matter, rankings DO NOT matter, bankrolls DO NOT matter, tournament wins DO NOT matter the one and only thing that DOES matter is how you play in one unique competition with a field of over 700 people.
    this is why i predict that the final 20 players may well have 1 or 2 of the people who have been put forward but the final table will be made up of people who havent got the best stats or money finishes or wins to tournament ratios, but of people who for this one tournament is their world championship, their one chance of a big payout and will play some of the best poker they have ever played and show the people out there that in this one tournament they can compete and beat the best PSO has to offer.


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    everybody chant with me - It just doesn't matter, It just doesn't matter...


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      The final table will be made up of the luckiest players.

      BTW, 6 wins in 130 tournwments is excellent.


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        A win rate of just over 2% appears to be the mid-point for PSO members with over 50 multi table games (sats excluded).

        For 10 player sats. 10% is the mid-point.

        Win rates greater than 1.5x the norm are good, more than the norm is excellent, IMO.


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          I wish you luck j2595, I hope we both get to the final table.

          In the real world, at the WSOP, it is not unusual to see a few new faces at the final table, but most of the players will be ones which have been there before. Experience counts.


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            Joe, the norm in sats, is much harder than in multis, because there are less players, and the norm in heads up play means winning every time, for example.

            But I agree 6 of 130 is very good

            and J2595, you have the skill, the luck will be given out on the 21st