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TT question?

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  • TT question?

    8 people at my table. Only two tables left. I get pocket tens in the BB. I have the 2nd largest stack at the table, but the big stack has me at 2-1 and the other table has three large stacks (most of the money is at the other table).

    Big stack is playing very well and putting a lot of pressure on the rest of the table. UTG player with a medium stack makes a limit raise. All fold to the big stack who raises the pot. All fold to me. What should I do?

    UTG can be a fairly tricky player. He's played a few weak hands very strongly (78suited when he flopped middle pair with his 7) and he's played big hands both weakly and strongly (He limped with QQ from early position and he made a pot-sized raise with KK in middle position).

    Thanks, Starrs LSOGC - The James Gang

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    TT is not a hand you want to take into a three handed pot - it's doubtful you will be able to isolate the BB and you have no idea what the early raiser will do. You are out of position and will not be able to dictate the action. There is a better spot for you to put your chips in the middle - I'd wait.

    On a side note, if you are going to play this hand, there is only one move, and that is to come over the top all in. Doing this, however, is taking a chance at losing all of your chips since you are going up against a big stack (which is why I would fold in this case). If you have the two players outchipped then there is a case to be made for making this move.



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      Not knowing the blinds or the stack sizes (assuming it is PLHE).....I would be inclined to fold.

      You have a player behind you yet to act.....and the 2nd raiser who is playing well is the one person at the table who could bust you.....not to mention....both raisers have position on you. The only flop I would be really comfortable with would be a rainbow rag T high. Even if you flop a T with a J or Q or something similar on the board you could be looking at set over set or maybe even a broadway straight.

      You have a larger stack close to the money.....look for a better situation to get involved.



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        Quit saying what I just said.


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          Option I
          Fold and let the big stack fight it out with the opener. Wait for a better hand to go up against the big stack.

          Option II
          Call and hope to flop a set. Not knowing if your stack warrants making this play, but if you feel the money is deep enough go for it.

          Option III
          Jam and pray. Is UTG tricky enough to play AA or KK for a limit raise, expecting the sheriff to re-raise and let them get all their chips in?


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            Sorry, some ifo I forgot. If I call the pot sized raise it cost me just under half my stack. The raise, if called, commits the UTG raiser to his whole stack. I think he had another 1-2k left after calling.

            Joe, it is possible for UTG to have AA or KK, yes. But I would expect him to either fully limp or raise the pot with those hands UTG.

            Peace, Starrs


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              You gotta fold here.

              1st rule of tournament play: Jam the smaller stacks. Stay away from the big stack without a premium hand.

              In NLHE or PLHE play, your stack is your weapon. Use it as a club, not as defense (I hate to call unless the money is deep)

              Wait for a better situation.



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                Don't play them like I did.

                WPO qualifierthis week. 15 qualify. Down to 17 from 305+. I've got about $135k - not a lot, but in about middle stack position.

                BB - I see TT. Blinds $5k - $10k. Fold to 2 off the button, who raises $10k. Fold to me!!

                I call & take the flop! Q 8 6 mixed suits.

                Then I blank out & go ballistically stupid! I raise all in. Get called by A Q - - and, of course, I go out 17th!!!!

                I think I'm OK calling pre-flop - but should check and fold to any action! I only need to survive two more places - and I can post & fold to 15th!!!! Really dummmmm!!!

                In your situation - either or both of the raisers will beat TT. I think you fold. You could call the first raise - but not the 2nd!!


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                  Originally posted by rggator
                  In NLHE or PLHE play, your stack is your weapon. Use it as a club, not as defense (I hate to call unless the money is deep)
                  Proper stack management is the most diffcult of tournament skills. I hope to see some lessons in that area someday.


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                    I look smarter that way! LMAO

                    or should I say.....great minds think alike?! muwhahaha


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                      easy fold...i had to lay down QQ tonight in a nlhe event, i believe it was 100/200 blinds, somebody had either limped or raised minimum, the player to my right shoved it all in for 5k. i was sitting with 2.2k or something. when you are facing a reraise, it is usually AA, KK, or AK unless u r playing with maniacs...there is just no need to go to war with medium pairs like TT. i think the only real big pairs in big bet poker are aces and kings. i am not a fan of going to war with QQ, JJ, or TT unless I know the player and their tendecies...i will usually give them the benefit of the doubt and wait for a better spot...i can't tell you how many times i have had to lay down TT to either reraises (everytime, lol) and to big opening raises in live tournies...later...



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                        Thanks all.

                        I did fold in this situation and the UTG player called with AJ and the Big Stack won with TT. I would've split the pot and I just needed some outside advice to make sure I wasn't playing weak-tight.

                        Peace, Starrs LSOGC - The James Gang