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Shorthanded question?

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  • Shorthanded question?

    Final table. 4 players left. I have T110k. Player on my left has T58k. Player on his left has T380k and player on his left has T100k.

    Blinds are 4k-8k with an ante. Play has just gotten very aggressive. Blinds are huge and we were 6 handed 4 hands ago.

    I get A2suited UTG. What Should I do and why?

    Thanks, Starrs LSOGC - The James Gang

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    I saw this hand, so I know the results - but here is what I would have done.

    4 handed, an ace is a strong holding but not one that I'm going to throw all my chips in the middle for. Anyone with a pocket pair or two face is going to call you - the two face call you don't mind, but with a pocket pair, you're pretty much drawing to three cards, especially with ace two. Even someone with ace five is likely to play back at you. I'd rather go in with ace ten, ace jack, then ace two.

    That being said, you still don't want to fold this hand. I would have raised the minimum and tried to take the blinds down. If someone flat calls you, you can see the flop and go from there. If someone comes over the top of you, it's easy to get away from the hand with minimal damage and you still have enough chips to play a few more rounds and pick a better spot.


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      Short-handed you can limp in with weak hands (middle suited connectors) or big pairs. Other hands should be played for a raise. Unfortunately short handed table dynamics become even more important, so it is hard to say what to do in this instance. I'd probably make a 2-3 x raise hoping to take the blinds and antes.


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        i would have raised the minimum as hazy said. you can let go of the hand preflop if reraised, and if called, and you dont hit, it is easy to let go. the problem is you have no kicker, i may have also folded the hand and just waited for a better one. if you do hit an ace, and bet, and get raised, it is very hard to call. 4 handed it is a decent hand, but you still have to play it cautiously.


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          i'd raise it to 20k or so...i dont think raising minimum is a good choice. make a small 2.5x BB raise and hope to take it down...if the flop comes down poorly for you, you can still fold. then later, when u have the goods and make that small raise again, somebody might come over the top or call and hit a pair and think it's good and double you up and give u a solid chance to run over the table and win the event. dont be too afraid of the jam....


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            I would probably play this hand, but if I did I would do what dreams said. Raise big and try to take it here, but if you get called you fold to just about any bet unless you hit 2 pr or flush draw. Even then you need to know the other players at the table. So I say raise big or fold!!


            If you don't like what I say then don't listen to me!!!!