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Question for slettuce

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  • Question for slettuce


    Originally Posted by slettuce View Post


    Sorry if my PokerStars stats aren't up to scratch yet, but I'm in no hurry and don't feel I need to prove myself to anyone but me.

    I'm not a "horse", and have no desire to become one.

    I would not make a comment online in the interest of someone's thread, on a public forum, using myself as an example...........if it didn't mean anything to me, or was not true. Especially on the biggest and most successful pokersite on the planet.

    I apologize if this sounds "rude", I am just responding to your comment.

    I've only been active on PokerStars since June 2013.

    This thread title is "Tight players don't win tournaments" - I responded to this.

    I have around ***** MTT 1st place finishes during (2010-2012).
    It was trial and error in those days, I thought I was a champion until I really started working on my game thanks to PSO.

    Without BRM and mindset those wins restricted my outlook on the big picture.

    Bottom line is IME TAG players do win tournaments(that was the question), or maybe I'm just on another planet and completely missed the point of this thread's title.

    I'm here to learn and to "loosen" up my game without loosing focus but gaining it.

    I hope you understand this response.

    I really didn't enjoy typing it at all, but am glad I did.



    Was the above in Bold, the... "Edited info not important to this thread."?

    If so, then...

    Was "X number" of MTT 1st place finishes during (2010-2012) changed to "*****"?

    I pose these questions becuz a certain "tracking site" shows what games were played...

    Year 2012 15 games
    Year 2011 0 games
    Year 2010 173 games

    However, there are NO... 0... ZERO... MTT 1st place finishes for "slettuce" on PokerStars between 2010-2012.

    In fact, the player, "slettuce" does NOT show up on several other online poker sites, which this particular "tracking site" draws info from.

    Now, there is always a chance that there may be, in fact, "X number" of MTT 1st places for "slettuce" on yet, another online poker site... who knows?


    the "*****" represents "X number" of MTT 1st place finishes during (2010-2012)...

    and there are no 1st place finishes showin for that time period for player, "slettuce" on PokerStars...

    could that possibly mean that U had another account?

    Ty... in advance... for clarifying...

    Kind Regards,


    *** found this 1 on PokerStars sister site... ShreddedLettuce 20 Nov 10 $1.10 45 man sng

    Read more: PokerSchoolOnline Forum - Reply to Topic
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    I have some questions about your questions

    1. If slettuce has no intention of getting staked, why do their stats/IDs matter to you? They have no obligation to answer your questions
    2. Why blow this up way out of proportion? slettuce said something along the lines of he'd won several MTTs. I could say "I've won several chess matches*" - this could be the truth or a lie, the logical response is not to go on and scrutinize every single rated chess match you can find. It'd only matter if I was looking for someone to stake me into chess games.. THEN i would be obliged to back up my claim.
    3. How is this relevant to a public forum? Calling someone out in public for something that frankly doesn't matter - what purpose does this serve?

    Thankyou for posting this thread and helpfully linking to the original thread. Both of your posts were equally useful...

    Please use your free will to decide whether or not to respond to my questions, as you are clearly not obliged to answer

    Kindest regards,

    OBB (Super Flanalyist)

    *I havent


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      18-22 1st place finishes between 2010-2012

      Field sizes range from 50 to 966 players.

      (Local online poker site - Microgaming Network) - Site restricted players from my country end of 2011).

      @Easy - "If you want details, PM me"

      I find the comment, - "could that possibly mean that U had another account?" and this whole "issue" - pretty darn insulting and antagonistic.

      I won't be typing anymore on this subject as it is wasting my time and energy and don't see the point.


      PS. Thank you OBB, I appreciate your post.
      Last edited by slettuce; Mon Feb 03, 2014, 10:18 AM.
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