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Hdsup sat/op left w/2300 chips

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  • Hdsup sat/op left w/2300 chips

    I have just witnessed what I think is just unacceptable.

    Playing in a was headsup with me and another player.....I had about 3k and he had over 12k......over the next 2 or 3 hands I managed to turn the tides and had 17 k to his aprrox 2500....We had just completed a hand where he had bet all in and I called it....I won the hand thus giving me 17k but he still had 2500 since he had the larger stack before we went all in......he says "ng" I say "not yet".....I see that he is not reacting to my I ask if he is there in chat.....I ask again and eventually I just played it out and took the win.......not gonna hit time forever to someone who does not answer.

    But is this common practise in sats?? when you loses 80% of your stack you just up and leave???????? Thats what it appeared to be.....figuring he had no chance with the difference between our stacks and just left????

    Now I thought that maybe he was new and did not realize he still had money left.......but this player has been here for almost a year. I won't name any names.....but you know who you are......please explain your reasoning behind this behavior?????

    I usually dont play in maybe I missed something.....but to be honest this is why I dont play in them........absurd behavior!!!!

    I hope this was just a unique experience and its not the normal practise????


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    Could it have been an honest mistake? They thought you had them outstacked, and did not even look to see they had chips left.




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      Jeff, if he passed on the joy of consecutive all-ins to bustout, then it must have been because he was on tilt. :lol:

      Congrats, Den