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Thanksgiving CSI poker

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  • Thanksgiving CSI poker

    Ok, so I'm officially a's proof:

    The late episode of CSI opens with a shot of a no-limit hold-em game. We jump in after the flop has hit and action is four-way, a queen and two numbers -- all clubs -- are on the board (although you don't actually SEE this at the time...). Turn card...king of spades. check...check...$2,000 bet ("someone's on a flush draw")...fold ("I've got a pain in my ass sitting to my right")...raise to $4,000...fold...original bettor goes all-in (probably about 50k in chips, if not more), prompting a drawn-out discussion with the raiser, in which we learn that he was the "1986 world champion" and also that he's holding the AA, including the ace of clubs. "Here's the deal son, I've got ace hits, I win, a club hits, I win"...and just as gramps is grabbing for his chips to call the bet, he suffers a heart attack and keels over, prompting the start of the episode.

    For added drama, we later find out that the river card would have been an ace of spades and that the original bettor in the hand was holding KK, giving him trips, and I think this is the added information that started me down the road to geekdom for the night....because, in addition to being hopelessly glued to the TV set for the next hour because they opened with a no-limit game (and because I breathe CSI in the first place), I have to actually start de-constructing the poker game in my mind!!!

    First a no-limit game involving KK and AA, how in the hell are two other people still in that hand to see the flop, much less after it??! (there's a quick shot of the pot prior to the on-camera has maybe 10k in it). Obviously neither of our protagonists bet their hands pre-flop...shame shame shame.

    Through the course of the episode, we discover the lady in the pot (the person delivering the "pain in my ass" line) was marking obviously she would've KNOWN that the gentleman to her left was holding two aces. In addition to begging the question of where in the world security is at in this casino, it leads us to ask how freaking stupid this woman is (okay, I've marked the aces...he's got two of lets BET AHEAD OF HIM AND GET IN THIS POT! I realize stupid criminals account for lots of back-page news, but if you're going to be sophisticated enough to mark aces, one presumes you'd also be poker-savvy enough to realize you don't call a bet ahead of two of them...her position in the betting round precludes her from being a blind for this hand)

    And what about this "someone's on a flush draw" comment...If there's 10k in the a 2k bet actually going to shove ANYONE off this flush draw? And a 2k re-raise from our world champion who is sitting on an ace of clubs?

    So, thank you Poker School Online for helping me be a geek and spot all the plot holes in an opening 3 minute teaser of a poker game. Now, please, someone make me feel better by pointing out that I wasn't the only one who spent my evening dissecting this action. Please? Anyone?


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    i happened to watch that episode a couple of weks ago, and i thought it was a good one. i saw the holes inthe game, but if you look closely, the lady marked the aces so when she was wearing her sunglasses, she coulod see the marks. during that hand, she was not wearing them(why i do not kknow). she was busy putting eye drops in her eyes. also, 3 clubs on the flop is a scary flop, the waters were being tested by both overpairs. when the K hits the turn, a feeler bet is put out there, and doyle is looking to see where his aces stand without risking too much of his bankroll. one the trips move all in, he knows he isnt against a flush, as the man would not have played a drawing hand, so he put him on a pair. he rightfully figures he is against trips. but he has 10 outs against those trips, and is about to make his call when he dies. do i think it was bad play, maybe. but it is television. i thought that they did do some research on poker for the show though, as the head of csi knew quite a bit about the game. he described spotting different tells well and such. i enjoyed it, and thought it made for good t.v. maybe poker is reaching mainstream after all, especially on such a top rated show!!!!!!!

    jmuzzey lsogc


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      I thought her contact lens was what was able to "see" the marks she was putting down (which would demonstrate very good research on the part of the show's writers, as I remember reading of a similar scam about five years back...)

      In any event, thanks for (sort of) indicating that maybe I wasn't the only person to give the whole poker sequence a thought. I agree that the research was actually quite good (my 'bad scriptwriting' remark was meant more sarcastically than it probably comes across here), and much of the banter about odds and tells and not advertising made for a very enjoyable episode.


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        Good episode, some big betting flaws though in NLHE. So much so that I thought it was Limit HE at first.

        And it was the contact lens.

        I thought the lead poisoning from the chocolate was a bit over the top though, but hey it's TV.

        Always an interesting show tho.



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          Wow. It is SO hard to believe that Hollywood could get a simple thing like a poker game wrong.

          A much shorter thread could be started using examples of them getting it right/believable though. The closest it gets (IMHO) is 'Rounders' and even that has a couple of problems.

          It is the only episode of CSI that I've seen and what the hey, its good TV though.