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JMuzzey Rocks -- Congrats!

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  • JMuzzey Rocks -- Congrats!

    I want to be the first to congratulate Jmuzzey on his outstanding month here at PSO and in the "real world" of live tourneys here in Chicago. Jay is a class guy through and through (Jen I am sure gets the credit here!), and is as tough a player as you will find anytime, anywhere.

    Nerves of steel, great poker mind, strong table presence, and intimidating betting tactics make Jay a force in every tournament he enters, and a favorite to win if he doubles up early -- you don't want him at your table if he has chips!

    Jay could have coasted into the Sponsor points this month, but he didn't hesitate to push every edge in the tourney on Wednesday night, and risk early exit when he thought he had the best of it.

    Jay has backed up it up with two 1st place finishes (and an 11th) out of 4 tourneys in a weekly Chicago tournament. I think the payout was over $3000 for first, so Jay is putting the petal to the metal when the dollars are hard, as well!

    Jay has the heart and skills of a champion, and I am proud that we can call him our own here at PSO, and I look forward to watching his success at bigger and bigger tourneys in the future. It is an honor to play with you Jay.

    CHAPS wannabe

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    WOW!!!!!!!!!! i must say that this post really was flattering. thanks for the comments and compliments. you are right, in that i will push any edge where i feel i have the upper hand. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. but that is the beauty and ugliness of poker, especially no limit poker. there are many great players here at pso, and i know we will be watching many of them in the future taking down major tournament titles all over the world. i just hope that some day(soon) i will be among them. thanks again tko14,

    jmuzzey lsogc


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      tko14, well said.

      Jay you're the best.

      Congratulations on a great November in League Play!

      Red Rabbit

      P. S. Go Jay Go! Win Jay Win!


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        I whole heartedly agree tk. I have Jmuzzey on top of my play list. Well done Jmuzzey!



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          He's #4 on my list, but that doesn't mean I don't like the guy...LOL.

          Good job Jay! Always a pleasure having you at my table (and of course re-raising you).

          Aaron (hazy)


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            It Wa A Slam-Dunk

            Not to demean jmuzzey's abilities, but the last tournament was a no-brainer since he was on a FREEROLL!!

            Given his ranking in the Silver league, he could have finished last in a 50-player toruney for his 20th game - and still have a comfortable lead in the Gold league.

            Of course, those of us with decent ratings in the Gold league hoped he'd overlook this move-up (from $150 to $250 school dollars) - but that was not to be.

            Once again, his abilities and PSO acumen forced everyone into a last minute race to re-position themselves.

            Sure looking forward to knocking him out second in the big one - although it won't be easy. Good luck & LOL.


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              Jay...since you have alot of grouppies I think u can make some extra dough by having Jimmy charge people to watch you play on Tuesday. ...remember I do get a 10% commision on all ticket sales..It was my Idea. :wink: