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Top secret all-in tip from ancient Zen master

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  • Top secret all-in tip from ancient Zen master

    I recently invented a time walkie talkie and contacted my 14th century Chinese cousin, ouchzenbeat, and we discussed how his wisdom could impact on my poker play.

    Here's what he told me:

    When making an all-in shove
    That you know to be sound
    Tell yourself
    There are but two outcomes:
    Win or Lose.
    Minimize the table.
    It matters not which outcome occurs,
    Or how it happens.
    You are content with the shove.
    If the table reappears and you won
    You are content that you played the hand well.
    If it doesn't,
    You are content that you played the hand well.
    Review it later.
    But for now,
    While clouded by feelings
    Happiness, sadness, relief
    Play on and play well.
    Remove reactive emotions from your game

    this kinda turned more into a weird poem or something
    i was trying to make a real point though hands that cause emotion are not good for you while youre playing, i very much like to minimize tables after shoving because instead of the multitude of horrific board run outs that leave you groaning, it cuts the results down to 2: win or lose. check the specifics of the hand out afterwards sure but in real time you don't need the emotional rollercoaster. if you're immune to this kind of tilt then ignore this post, but it could help if bad beats in real time really get to you

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    In the 14th century, wine was one of China's biggest sources of income, and while its used for hospitality and even medical reasons, it was also frequently misused.

    I'm fairly sure this is just drunk talk.


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      I absolutely LOVE this, well done - hot diggery doo I'm still laughing but what good advice


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        I actually do this when I'm in a deep run in an MTT, I don't want the roller coaster! I just want to know if I've doubled up or "You have finished in 167th place".


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          nice might try this


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            I hope that is not a self confessed turbo flandonk preparing himself for the worst! Drunken ramblings???? noooo just a missed diddly point umbup: .. because The Chinese also invented fireworks, And reading that was a BLAST! wise words zenflan!


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              sometimes i try it too


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                I actually do something like this already.

                I wait for the beep of the next table before I shove/call shove and then I just wait for it to come round again to see what happened.

                I'm sure sometimes people have thought I have slowrolled them with AA/KK etc. but, no, just waiting until I hear the beep for the next decision so I dont have to watch.

                It has helped remove a lot of the tilt from my game.


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                  I play stacked tables so this happens automatically for me. Certainly helps with tilt issues and gives more focus on the next hand.
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