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1st Canuck response gets $ entire BR

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  • 1st Canuck response gets $ entire BR

    Hopefully your BR is 0.00 and u need the 2 bucks.

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    What is Canuck?


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      Its been a while since you last posted, and we'd like to see more of you here in the forum. So don't feel shy come on by, and stick it out here along with the rest of us.

      2 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Originally posted by GamblingProp View Post
        What is Canuck?
        A Canuck is a term we canadians use to refer to each other


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          How is it a Gold star only has a bank roll of 2 bucks?

          Sounds like a case of monkey tilt, or I guess Moose Tilt.

          Grade b
          I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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            Originally posted by Grade b View Post
            How is it a Gold star only has a bank roll of 2 bucks?

            Sounds like a case of monkey tilt, or I guess Moose Tilt.

            Grade b
            LOL It is my entire roll, and it's a new year and I can't sit at this desk any longer or I will surely require a chair-shaped coffin. Not a moose tilt. Part of the resolution crap. You know, smoking, drinking, peanut butter sandwiches......and poker. Holiday from work ended for me today so no more reason to sit here.

            So, whosoever fits the criteria and believes he can run it up only needs to say as much and I'll ship this huge sum. (better than leaving it with PS, in my opinion)


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              Hey Red!

              Normally I'm one that always backs everyone's resolutions and gives them an earful when they lapse on them (why I don't make any myself.. lol)... but not this time.

              The tables wouldn't be the same without you and we'd all be worse off for it. You've been around at the tables as long as I have (remember you being one of the first members that I ran into at the tables when I joined PSO). If you need to take some time off, go for it.. we all need breaks, but remember, you do have a number of us here that enjoy you being around.

              John (JWK24)

              6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                While I appreciate what this may look like it is not a tilt. My intention back in June was to play the BR down to the end of the year whatever way the cards fell.

                Having followed Coimbra and Sandtrap throughout the entirety of 2013 allowed me the realization that while I respected their game I could never in my wildest dreams match their success.

                Pretty simple. Kind of like a high school high jumper trying out for the basketball team. The high jumper realizes fairly quickly, often with some subtle hints from the basketball coach, that he/she should stick to what he/she is good at. Not having a coach to scratch me from the team meant it just took a little longer than it should have for me to wise up.

                This hasn't been fun for a while now. Started not being fun a couple of years ago when a google search of my nic brought up a website stating I was an extremely loose player willing to play any two. A million adjustments later finds me folding winning hands in huge multi-way pots to a Russian bluff or donating a large stack in middle-late tourneys to an eastern euro who makes a miracle river and goes on to make a final table and a big payday with my chips.

                The fun, or lack thereof, continued when PS refused me a name change and let it be known that they did not care if I chose to quit and play elsewhere despite me never ever mentioning this as an option. Having in the past played at UB and received bounced cheques I was deeply enamored with PS. Apparently it wasn't mutual. I was merely rake. Pocket change at that.

                There are places I've never been to that will likely forever remain on my bucket list. My rake in small small part affords PS the opportunity to send already well-off others to such places. Seeing a tennis or hockey pro on PS ads informs the mindset. Seeing Mike and Adam at the PCA or Uruguay cements it. PS is a business first. The reality of the statement trumps any qualms from one as insignificant as me.

                It's not jealousy I'm spouting here. It's the fantasy that I'm acknowledging. I'm 60. I just figure it's time to grow up. I have no pension, I work for a non profit and I still pay student loans. PS was never my way out. I knew that six months ago.

                This was never about tilt guys.

                And after all this time I still don't know what a triple range merge is.


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                  Well I for one wish you the very best on whatever it is you decide to do! Who knows maybe you can start knocking a few of the more easily achievable things off that bucket list

                  It's always a good thing for a person to engage themselves in things that bring pleasure and enjoyment, this has quite obviously stopped being a fun experience for you so taking time away or walking away completely is probably a wise decision.

                  Hopefully you will find something that brings lots of enjoyment into your life and I wish you well

                  Come back though if you are so inclined, I know I'm not the only one who would make that same statement


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                    Red, One of the few,the very few,reasons I even look into this forum anymore is to see if you've posted anything. Because you may have been infrequent the last year or so with your submissions but they were pretty much always worth the read. From one straight shooter to another I'm gonna miss seeing you around. Also,any site that had you marked as a loose,plays any 2 type player is just sauce for the goose as to why third party tracking sites and the like should be viewed with a gimlet eye. Was hoping to one day share the tables with you again (provided my dumbazz gummint ever gets a clue...),especially if you were to have pulled the trigger on switching to the King Crimson avvy. Wishing you the best in health and all your future endeavors and passions and hoping this isn't goodbye but just see you guys later,but respecting you and your decision 100% either way. umbup:


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                      Kind words from all, and a shout out to Moxie, one who's well considered and well crafted posts at the school continue to humble me and other wannabe writers.

                      I'll keep on lurking here. I think you guys know that's a given. Maybe a few months from now I'll take an occasional stab at a bigger buy in. (for the hell of it rather than dreams of fame and fortune)

                      (asked to switch to the KC face....they said no)

                      ....and geeez, I can't even give 2 bucks away? Somebody step up and tell me to ship it.....
                      Last edited by RedLetterman; Wed Jan 08, 2014, 05:55 AM. Reason: ocd


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                        hello redletterman couple of things 1) you're never too old for poker, even if right now is a bad time for you. take a break from poker if it's not fun and come back when it feels right 2) don't let stats/other peoples opinions get you down. stats only show you how well you did in the past, and others peoples opinions shouldn't be a huge concern to you. neither stats nor opinions will affect the results of your games, only how you are playing (and running.) if you keep trying, learning, and staying positive/ignoring irrelevant negatives then good things will happen eventually 2b) having others think you are loose idiot can easily work to your advantage, but remember that just because one person on one site says it, 99.99% of people you play against will have never read it and see you as another random 3) auntyrae is canadian shippppit FLAN FLAN FLAN 4) you are correct that pokerstars is a business and it's unfortunate that you've had a bad experience with their customer support. i still regard stars as the best place to play due to it's reputation, playerbase, game choice/availability, layout, loads of factors. yes, players are rake to sites, but this is true to all sites and it can be a mutually beneficial 2-way relationship; the site enjoys your rake and in return you enjoy all of the benefits the site has.. obviously if it's not going well then it doesn't feel very beneficial to you. i hope you and stars make up eventually 5) this is a summary of all of the above really - if poker is not fun, take a break. don't compare yourself to sick pros and think "well im not there yet so ill never be there" - anything is possible in poker you seem well liked here, you should definitely stick around on the forum even if youre sick of poker for now umbup: and obviously join team flanders 5.000001) i use the term canadonk for my canadian poker friends. it's a term of endearment, feel free to use it



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