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AKKJs in O8 LP

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  • AKKJs in O8 LP

    This hand came up for me recently, twice as a matter of fact. Once in the SB, once in the BB.

    Middle to late rounds. I am a low to mid stack. I have maybe 2.5 rounds left.

    Both times there is a raise in front, from a mediocre to average player. I have AKKJ, the Ace is suited.

    Is this a no brainer? I did reraise both times, effectively committing myself to the pot as I was left with less than one big bet both times. (Not that it matters, but I won once, and lost once.)


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    maybe just flat call from the BB as you have nobody else to eliminate and only increase the pot odds for the other players already in. i see no problem 3 betting from the SB and betting all in on the flop regardless. 1 and 1, not bad??? the jam is running out...



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      I agree completely with Dreams opinion here. From the big blind I flat call and bet regardless on the flop. The original raiser isn't going to fold preflop and you have a small but important option of taking down the pot with a bet on the flop if your opponent checks. If the raiser bets the flop I call here regardless.

      As the small blind you would much rather this had be heads up rather than a three way hand. It is in your best interest to raise as the small blind to isolate the original player that raised. Your hand is much stronger heads up than it is multiway.


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        What they said (ain't I original)



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          Man, if I ever see the four of you at an O/8 ring game, I'm walking the other way. Ain't no money to be made there. 8O

          But yes, I concur with everyone.