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Door Prizes- PSO Convention

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  • Door Prizes- PSO Convention

    PokerSchool Online wishes to thank the following generous donors for providing doorprizes to the PSO Convention being held at the Goldstrike in Tunica MS. USA on Jan 9, 2003.

    More doorprizes are coming, so keep watching for future postings.

    If you'd like to donate a doorprize, please contact

    +++ Donors & Door Prizes for the PSO Convention +++

    1. BOB CIAFFONE- Professional Poker Player, Writer, and Teacher.

    PRIZES DONATED by Bob Ciaffone:
    a) Middle Limit Holdem Poker (co-author Jim Brier), autographed copy of his book
    b) Improve your Poker, autographed copy of his book
    c) Omaha Holdem Poker, autographed copy of his book
    d) Pot-limit And No-limit Poker (co-author Stewart Reuben), autographed copy of his book
    e) One hour of free poker lesson time. Lesson can be taken either by phone, email, or a combination of both. Subject matter is the recipient's choice.

    Website: Carried by
    E-Mail: for these and other poker collectibles re: poker and Las Vegas

    PRIZES DONATED by Norman Robinovitz:
    Three $5,000 WSOP chips. Retail value is US$45.00 per chip.

    Toll-Free: 1-800-735-4430

    PRIZE DONATED by Wilson Software:
    a) Turbo Texas Hold'Em for Windows
    Turbo Texas Hold'Em for Windows, Version 5. The most powerful and easy to use Hold'em program available. Create players with individual playing styles. Play against 2 to 10 players. Set limits, blinds rake, tokes, etc. Extensive statistical reporting, high speed simulation. Enhanced graphics, sound (with sound board), animation, enhanced data charts, printable player profiles. Full mouse interface. Windows. CD.

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    Requesting that my "nick" be changed to "Door" so that I can have all the prizes!!! Afterall, they ARE "door" prizes!!

    Great bonus here! Wooohooo
    Can't wait !!!



    • #3
      WOW!!!!! Talk about some excellent donations...

      I simply can not wait!

      PS. Maybe Wildbill41 and Zipman can meet with me a bit ahead of time to discuss ways to "stuff" the ballot box :mrgreen:


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        It's all coming together now, isn't it??

        Shoeless Joe

        :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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          Wow, those Ciaffone door prizes are excellent. Whoever get;s teh Ciaffone stuff is very lucky.

          Please tell me these prizes came about because you are in discussions with him about joining the school as the big-bet instructor. Please! Pretty please! That would be the best Christmas present ever. I would never leave the school, ever, if that was the case lol.


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            Wow, that would be nice.

            What are you wishing for this Christmas Noodles?



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              To actually win more than 1 close decision out of 20 all-in showdowns.

              I emailed Mr Ciaffone, and he said there has been no negotiation. However, he said he would consider joining in the future if the deal was right.

              Incidently, I think PSO should get Rolf to concentrate on pot limit omaha games. We already have a number of excellent limit holdem instructors at PSO. The balance of the lessons would be better if Rolf did the pot limit omaha.


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                Add another to the list, Kathy! I just recieved a copy of the book "SERIOUS POKER", authored by Daniel Kimberg. This prize was generously donated by Mike Rosen, of Books For Gamblers.

                Web Site:
                Address: 6021 Yong St.
                Box 807
                Toronto, ON
                M2M 3W2
                Tel: 416-223-2877

                Mr. Rosen has been very cooperative and helpful. If the membership would take a look at his site, and help him out some, he says he would appreciate it a LOT!
                The book has mixed reviews on Amazon, and I have not looked through it, as I do not want to mess up the binding, but his donation is the 1st I have recieved, and I am grateful to him, as I hope the Membership will be. I have several other prizes I am working on, and will keep everyone posted as they come in.


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                  Noodles said:

                  Incidently, I think PSO should get Rolf to concentrate on pot limit omaha games.


                  PS Good Job Bob.