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How long to wait?

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  • How long to wait?

    Heads up tonite in a Sat, my opponent got disconnected. How long would you wait? I figure half an hour was plenty of time, but it's not like I had to run off and do anything, I could have kept waiting and now I feel bad. What do most of you use as a guideline with this happens?

    (And if you read this SeaQuest, sorry!)

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    5 min is plenty of time. They could have had a storm or lost there internet connection you could be waiting all night. Don't feel bad, you more then waited long enough 8O


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      Half an hour. Geez, screw that. Blinds would be as big as the stacks.


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        Some players have been known to wait all of 5-10 seconds. You went above and beyond what anyone would consider reasonable and fair. Shuffle up and deal the next game.


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          I agree with the folks above who say 5 min. It is just a Golden Rule thing. If I lose my connection for whatever reason it could take as much as 5 min to return. If it takes more than 5 min, the problem is much worse than losing a tourney.



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            I have always waited 10 mins, but concensus seems to be 5 mins, so 5 mins it is.
            it's a good idea to have an unwritten rule like this.
            also.........when would you say it applies.....100 players left clearly no............2 players left, clearly yes.
            up to now, i would say 5 ish players onwards, i make damn sure they are back before i play, what do you guys think?