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Recording hands in Chat??

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  • Recording hands in Chat??

    Could somebody plese explain how to copy the hands from chat into my notepad.
    I have tried to highlight them between hands but nothing happens.

    so I am unable to do a copy and paste


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    Everytime the window is updated you lose your selection. Pressing Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C before the selection highlight vanishes will capture the entire window contents (not just what is visible). You may have try a few times to hit it right. I have given up trying to select just what I want. Copy and past the whole window then edit down to what you want to keep.

    If you want starting stacks select "Everything" from the bar above the chat window.



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      An option to log everything to a text file would be excellent.


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        Actually it's much easier than you might think.

        At the end of every hand immediately after the chips are pushed to the winner there is a delay of about seven to ten seconds before the next hand starts. It's at this time that you can highlight the text you want, and then copy and paste it to your word processor. Here's what you can do.

        First have your word porcessor open and already saved as whatever you want to call it. Then, at the end of the hand, immediately after the chips have been pushed to the winner, do the following"

        1. Highlight the text you want to copy.

        2. Hit "Control-C". This will paste the highlighted text to the clip board.

        3. Next click on your document to bring it to the front of the screen.

        4. Now hit "Control-V". This will copy the text from the clip board to your document at the current cursor postion. I usually add a sace at the end of each hand so that it's easy to see where one hand ends and the other begins.

        5. Finally, hit "Control-S". This will save your document. If you do this every time you won't have to worry about losing information when you have a crash.

        With practice I have gotten this process down to a science. I can usually have it all done and be ready before the next hand begins.



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          Thanks all

          Both suggestions are great and work well.

          Mark...the suggestion that there be implimented a way of saving the whole chat session for a game or being able to capture it to a players hard drive would be great. Not that the school needs to save the chat session but just a way for a player to be able to do it easily.



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            i normally do what u recomend but ive find that

            - sometimes the delay dont hapen

            - its very hard to select part of the text



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              Once in a while the process doesn't work as smoothly as I'd like but there is always a way to make sure you get the text you want.

              The delay at the end of every hand is always there but sometimes there are other things happening that cause the highlighting to disappear and you have to start over. I have deveoped a few things to help me make sure that I don't miss copying any hands to my word processor.

              For instance, I make sure that the statement I'm going to begin my highlight at (starting hand#12345678) is always in the chat window. You don't want to let it scoll out of the window and have to go looking for it when the hand is over. This can be done easily enough with the scroll bar.

              Once the hand is over it's easy enough to place the cursor beside the statement and scroll to the bottom of the screen. I find that if you run you mouse off the bottom of the screen then all the text gets highlighted quickly and then it's just a quick "Control-C" to place it on the clip board.

              Now, each time something happens in the chat window your highlight will disappear and you will have to re-highlight your text. This can ge a little tricky because now you have to go looking for your starting statement and this can be a hassle.

              What I usually do in these situations is to keep the starting statement from that hand in the window and then just highlight two hands at the end of the current hand. Or, when the bet gets to me, before I make my play, I'll highlight the text I want to copy and place it on the clip board. This only takes two or three seconds and doesn't hold up the game. I can then make my play and let the play go on while I paste it into my word processor.

              Sometimes it can get a little tricky when there is a lot of chat going on and your highlight keeps disappearing. This can become frustrating but I find I can cut and paste a whole session and not leave any hands out.

              It's all about getting creative with the process.



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                those are exactly the problems i find

                if people is chating is really hard to do it and another thing should be corrected is if you select to take out the player chat and observer chat from the window, the only thing that hapens is the next chat lines will not appear but the ones that are already on the chat are not you cannot clean that information at that point, in order to have more room to copy hands

                i find the Control + A useful in order to dont loose any information and then i select the lines i want on my word processor

                anyway i will try your suggestion

                thnx by the information

                spades 8)