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Chatting for Dollars

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  • Chatting for Dollars

    Is it me or have I have been just overlooking this aggressive approach of persons actually asking for money in the chats while we are Playing are Games. I must say I have noticed this much more Rapidily lately in the chat boxs while I have been playing.
    It is not only RUDE but distracting to have beggers fill the chat asking for dollars and yet when I last reported this to a moderator ; for some reason did not even receive a reply. Common Poker Stars get this cleared up. You offer everything to all of us to be able to make some money from freerolls and learning,but you are allowing people to ask for funds online thru chat too 'hhmmmmm
    I have and do play other sites and never ,never seen this type of activity of low lifes controlling the chat boxes with no concenquinces ,If I were too try this approach I would be BANNED FOR LIFE
    Now is it me or has any other members seen this happening alot more lately????????
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    Please give me 1$ I will give it to you back when I win sunday million, I good player, play high stakes but lost roll cause AA to QQ.

    Seriously though you can just ignore them, and after 2-3 lines of unsuccessful begging they look on other tables to beg.
    It would be funny though to have those people in a live casino.
    They would never had the courage to ask for anything.


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      Can't say I have noticed it, ever, at actual tables.

      Seen it once or twice in Live Training and they were told to stop.


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        The Chat Mods on PS are useless, all they do is copy and paste the same tired responses when you send a complaint. Beggars should get one warning for a first offence after that
        "A weak player may be a nit but a nit is not necessarily a weak player"


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          Begging is very prevalent on the main PS client tables, and if a player calls a moderator from the table where this is happening and complains, the moderator will deal with the problem
          Of course some players dont object and are quite happy to pass on a $ its a matter of choice really.
          The problem is that people who beg for money usually go from table to table for hours on end disrupting chat and generally spoiling other players enjoyment of the game.

          As I said, if begging bothers you, call a moderator, they will deal with it.


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            Too funny GamblingProp, I've so seen that as well lol. It doesn't really bother me to the extent of having to call a mod..don't think I've ever called a mod as nothing serious enough has been warranted. I just let them get impatient and move on. I have seen this on the 'boom' site also. If it bothers u to the extent of throwing u off ur game, I'd do as wiltshireman suggested and call a mod. - they can suspend their chatumbup:
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              Just a thought; we could use the begging to our advantage and let it remind us of BRM. Those who actually donate to the 'begger', could donate to a more needy charity...just a thought
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                hihihih funy as hell ... I should try that instead of depositing my money... I bet I would be great player with someones else's money...



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