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a good suggestion from royalraise85 to my thread of Nov 25

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  • a good suggestion from royalraise85 to my thread of Nov 25

    Back in nov i asked if i needed to change my strategy to become a make a final table on pokerstars, as it was the only site that i have not won on.

    Royalraise85 suggested that i make a comparison to the each tournament that i entered, so that the fields, buy in were at least similar and play about fifty to get a read on where i truly stood.

    This i have done and the results are as follows,

    Pokerstars - 2nd in a $7 sng - otherwise $500 lost in MTT and Sng,s since November.

    Site 2. One 1st, 2 2nd and $300 up in ring games - a winning site for me

    Site 3. one 2nd and several min cashes, won several $5 sng

    Site 4, one 1st, one 2nd

    Sites, 2,3 & 4 have all shown a positive on my initial stake, though i have put money onto them i have cashed out my accounts several times.

    All four sites run off different software, so i can not be getting a read on the how the software acts.

    As royalraiser suggested i played similar tourns and 180 sng's across the sites, pokerstars was the only site where i was never even getting close to winning.

    So we can now discount, the no of players, i played the same way on all sites.

    I have $25 left on PS and though i enjoy and like the site i can not justify putting more $ in, the law of averages says if i can be a continuous winning player on 3 other sites i should be able to have a similar winning ratio on PS.

    So it looks like on PS i need a different strategy, as i do not believe that the players on the other sites are worse or better.

    Or finally perhaps, PS is where i just have bad beats on a more regular basis.

    PS: I am still running good in live events, played 6 tourns with fields of between 120 & 400 and had 2 final tables.

    So if you have got any advice or thoughts on the above please let me know.


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    Hey there, Great that you took the time to put together the results and I remember your thread well. The only suggestion which is a little obvious is to keep playing at the site (s) that you feel you are making the most money at. A really good idea would be to submit one of your 180-man tournament hand histories to trainer 'ChewMe1' who specializes in those games. He could review it during a live training session and give you some pointers to help you improve your game. Great to see your also running well in live events, it's good to be able to experience both live and online play. Raiser umbup:
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      Just playing a tourn now 10 mins in all in from a player the other player snap calls A9o v a10o perhaps that says something.


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        Might you have a bias against Stars that affects your play on them alone? Don't answer now. Review several critical hands on each site to see if there is a difference. Thinking you win less at one site can affect your attitude more than one would think. Your confidence suffers and self doubt can creep in.

        Another possibility is the competition. On smaller sites you see players more often so reads develop faster. You might want to drop down in stakes to see if that helps.

        But, by focusing primarily on the quality of your decisions in the near term will increase profitability in the longer term.




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