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do i need to change my strategy for pokerstars

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  • do i need to change my strategy for pokerstars

    Hi All

    For the last six months i have been playing on my normal 4 sites (i play most nights). I have had several final table positions on the other sites winning between $300 to $1,000.

    I have had a few min cashes on PS and my best finish was 42 out of 6500.

    I play mainly MTT's with buy ins from $2 to $20, i play nlhe and play PS and 1 other site most nights, dipping onto the other sites if i have a bad run.

    My style of play does not change, which ever site i am on, and the law of averages says that if i final table on the other sites around every 2 weeks i should have made at least one final table on PS in six months.

    So my questions are:

    1. Are players on PS better players
    2. Is it because the fields are bigger

    I would just like to make a final table on PS so do i need a different strategy.

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    Hey there, Good question and thanks for posting. The size of the field here is important. Is there much of a difference in the number of entrants from one site to another? Raiser umbup:

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      No not really - some of the fields i have come 1st/2nd have had 3000 players others such as say a $11 freeze out 400 players


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        Hi again, I think the only real way to answer this is for you to track say your next 50 tournaments from each site with similar field sizes and compare the results at the end. 50 may sound excessive but you'll need a big sample size for the result to be accurate. It's much harder to reach a final table in a field of 3000 players than it is in a tournament with 400 entrants so in order to track it correctly all the tournaments would need to have a similar field size. Raiser umbup:

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          Because there is such good liquidity on PS yo will find a lot more grinders about than other sites.

          For this reason I believe the fields are more difficult to navigate. It's not that the players on other sites are worse but there is just a much higher proliferation of good players on Stars.


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            Bit of a rant coming up....

            My biggest (Sharkscope) recorded win on Pokerstars is $65 yet I've had many $1k+ score on other sites this year alone.

            My thinking is there are MANY bad players on Pokerstars but also quite a few good players - and many at micro stakes even the smallest stakes. I discovered one guy 20+ tabling 50c 45 man games with a 20% ROI. Not my ideal way to make money but it's probably a living in the country he comes from.

            I think many if not most of the best players play here because TBH it's the best site out there. It is so easy to multi table and all of the software help out there like HEM and PT put the most effort into making their product work on Stars first and foremost.

            The MTT fields are a lot bigger. It could be variance that you and I are suffering but I think it's a little deeper. MTTs are about making long term +EV decisions. Get to the end game of a MTT on Stars and all of the maniacs are gone and there's only decent players left. On other sites with smaller fields, the maniacs still have a chance of making deep runs but that also makes your end game a lot easier - you make less mistakes than your opponents.

            I've played over the years on a gambling site that had it's own Poker brand. 99% of the players were gamblers that played poker as a sideline. I wasn't even 10% as good as a player that the PSO has made me but I had a 27% ROI in $10 games. When the site moved off their own software and joined a network specifically of poker players I really struggled and it was only the Gambling site only games that I made any profit (and decent profit at that.) I still play on that site and it's their own games again where I make the most money.

            Pokerstars is solely a poker site. Players don't play here just to gamble a few dollars in between horse races. Players play here to win. I've drummed this home a few times, the best thing you can do to your bottom line is table select. Work out who the good and bad regs are because they will be your bread and butter. You can't do that in a MTT but in STTs I have a 13% ROI in 7,000+ games. I think that speaks volumes about what I've said on the subject.
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              well, we all know what online poker rooms are like, but your answer could be what random number generator is being used, there are a few different RNGs out there, PS seems to have a unique RNG and so all you can do is learn the software to maximize your chances of going long in tourneys.


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                The answer is of course you need to adjust your strategy,

                You need to make adjustments all the time to your table and I'm sure you do.

                you adjust to the tight guy sitting to your left by stealing more of his blinds or the aggressive 3 bettor to your right raising your every blind by 3 betting more.

                If you can make these adjustments as the games move on ( and i wish i was better at this)you will do well in these.

                GL and keep us informed as to how it goes.

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                I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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                  Larger fields => more variance => longer breakeven stretches and downswings.
                  Stronger fields => you have a smaller edge => more variance => longer breakeven stretches and downswings.

                  Bear in mind that when playing tourneys, you need to play thousands of games to get an idea of your ROI. On sites with much less traffic than Stars, it's hard to put in enough volume to find this out. On the other hand, against smaller fields, you'll come across the regs are more frequently, so you'll get reads/stats more quickly, so will learn ways to exploit them. (It's harder to exploit the large number of "unknowns" in big field tourneys).

                  I don't think you should necessarily change your style on a per-site basis. You should adapt your play based on who is on your table at a particular time on a per-hand basis. e.g. If you're surrounded by loose/bad players, then tighten up and value-bet more. If you'e surrounded by tight players, then steal blinds and bluff more often.
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