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  • What would you do?

    Imagine you are sitting at a 4-8 holdem table in a b&m casino. You are in late position, 1 off the button, and you get your cards. You take a look and see KK. You put the cards back down, and as you go to place a chip on them you notice that the card backs are of different colors (meaning they are not from the same deck).

    Do you tell the dealer, or do you play the hand and act like you didn't notice?

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    paranoia will destroy me..

    My first response would be, OH BOY! But then my paranoia would tell me, you've got to tell them. What if they suspected you of cheating?

    My 2 cents....


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      If you actually made it through that hand without the dealer noticing that, I think you should find another place to play!!

      seriously, tho, I think you should halt the action and tell the dealer..who should declare the hand dead and fix the deck.

      Perhaps a dealer out there ( pokergoddess?) could give imput on this, too


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        you think kings are a goot hand??? you have yet to experience the jam i see....


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          A29. DEFECTIVE DECK

          A defective deck is one that has two identical cards (including two jokers when one is in use) or any cards of a different-colored back. Missing, mutilated, or marked cards, or one or more jokers when none are in use, do not constitute a defective deck for the purposes of this rule. If the deck is found to be defective, all chips in the pot shall be returned to the players in the amount each contributed. A player who realizes the deck is defective should call attention to the fact immediately. A player who has the opportunity to know the deck is defective and attempts to win the pot by betting or raising shall have any chips used for this purpose remain in the pot for the next deal instead of returned to him. Only players who were initially dealt in on the deal where the deck was found defective may receive a hand on a pot containing forfeited money. A player who has already been awarded a pot and taken it in is entitled to keep it, even if the deck is subsequently found to be defective, provided the deal is over before the correctness of the deck is challenged. The deal is considered to have ended when all cards are facedown and all hands are intermingled into the discard pile.


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            Cockroaches post pretty much sums it up!!

            Let's just say....DON'T TRY won't get away with

            Several years ago, sitting in the 10 seat of a 4/8 game, I held the A9spades. Was I ever surprised when the flop came down, A (spades) XX. Fortunately I had first action and stopped everything right then and there.




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              Well, this situation did happen to me. And I just told the dealer right then and there. The wierd part, it was a brand new deck. The players had just called for a new setup, got the cards, and the dealer did the usually deal. Spreading the cards out face up, then face down. The wierd part, the K :d:, the one with the wrong back color was not a repeat. There were 52 cards in the deck, no repeats. I didn't feel there was a question as to continuing with the hand. I just turned in the cards.

              The dealer showed my cards to the table, and 2 of the people asked me why I would ever give up the cards. I just said that continuing wasn't even a consideration. But they both agreed that they would not have given up the hand.


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                  Originally posted by ursasmar
                  The players had just called for a new setup, got the cards, and the dealer did the usually deal. Spreading the cards out face up, then face down.
                  Seems amazing to me that 10 players and a dealer all missed the card with the different colored back on the initial spread. Isn't this why the dealer is spreading the cards? Looking for a defective card?

                  Pokergoddess, would a dealer get reprimanded for missing something like this? Seems like they should. They obviously aren't on top of the game.

                  Ricky Hard