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PSO convention,so dissapointed

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  • PSO convention,so dissapointed

    Hello Fellow PSo'ers,

    When I first heard the talk of a PSO convention in Tunica, I WAS THRILLED!!! I made my arrangements to be off from work and got the wife prepped for the trip. I had met several members at an earlier trip to Tunica and it was a blast.

    Then on Oct 25 my mom was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer. Needless to say, all travel plans are cancelled. I am young at 29 and my mom is a very young 46. It has taken me this long to post a message. This really hurts. Prayers are appreciated.

    She will be doing radiation every day and Chemo once a week. This will go for 5 weeks. After that she has some follow up procedures that are to complex for me to go into. We have hope but we need a miracle. Yes , I do believe in miracles.

    If we beat this thing by January, I may still try to make it to Tunica. Is there a chance in hell I would be able to get a room on 2 weeks notice? I think I know the answer to that one.

    Great job with the site Tina and Mark (and staff). You have not only created the best poker site on earth but you have managed to create a family type atmosphere where people who have never met, genuinely care for each other. Now that is an accomplishment!!! Good luck all and hope to see ya in Tunica.


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    I can't pretend to imagine what you're going through, but I hope everything works out as best as it can.

    best wishes,

    Marco 12345


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      I'm going through the identical crisis with my mother, Barry - my thoughts are with you and your family as you go through these tough times. If your Mom is anything like mine, she'll fight like h-ell before giving in to that bast-ahd cancer.



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        Our thoughts are with you as well. And WHEN things work out and you are able to come to Tunica, I'm sure we could stuff you in a room somewhere. My wifes not coming with me, so I'll have plenty of room.

        Best wishes,



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          My prayers are with you Barry.

          And if you can go, there will be tons of room



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            I've just been through a similar situation with both my mother and my mother-in-law. My mother has non-hodgkins lymphoma and is now in remission after about a year of treatment. My mother-in-law unfortunately passed away this summer from a year-long fight with lung cancer. I'm about your age and I know pretty much what you're going through.

            I know cancer is a very scary word, but I've learned so much about it recently that I now know it doesn't have to mean that things are hopeless. True, my mother-in-law died from it, but I have seen some great advances in cancer treatment. My mom was very close to giving in at one point, but she was saved and has done well ever since.

            One thing I've realized this past year is how important our relationships with others really is. Your family, your friends, your coworkers, your poker school buddies. Be sure to spend as much time with your mother as possible. I had my mother-in-law stay with us for home-hospice care for her final 2 months. While it was very difficult, it was worth every minute just to have that time with her and to let her know how much we cared for her.

            It sounds like you have your priorities in line. If you do end up going to Tunica, I'm sure there will be plenty of room for you among us PSO folk.

            Best wishes to you and your mother,



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              Your mother will be remembered in my prayers. Every good wish I have goes out to you and yours.

              Same goes for you, Hazy.

              -Bart M.


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                So sorry to hear of your Moms illness, and I know you are heart broken and so concerned. We can only say our thoughts and all our prayers are with you and yours, and we pray, not only for her recovery, but for Gods will and his goodness that will give you the strength to handle whatever happens.
                Hazy, please know, that we echo the same wishes for you and yours.
                My mom has been gone for many years now, but she is with me daily in my heart. Focus on the good and happy..there's no place for negative thinking in this situation.
       know, if you show up for any or all of the PSO convention, we'll make sure you have a bed..or at least a bathtub to sleep in. :?



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                  I send my love and prayers in your direction. The fight against cancer is a family fight, and I am sure your Mom will draw much strength from you and the others who love her. Remember, you don't have to bear this alone. We are always "here" to listen, care, cry, scream, whatever you need. While this forum is supposedly for "poker", I also find it a place to come when I need a friend. Please feel free to do the same.

                  May your Mom find health and happiness, but above all, peace..

                  Jane Barnstuble


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                    My prayers are for you and your mom. Mick16


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                      Dear Barry & Aaron,

                      My prayers will include your mothers fast and total recovery, God bless you and your families!!! I am here if you need anything.



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                        WOW!!! Let me first say THANK YOU for the kind responses. I dearly appreciate it!! Life has been tough the last couple of months emotionally and every little bright spot helps. You guys have been very uplifting to me.

                        The good news is responding well to treatments. I feel like I would be safe in attending PSO convention. I really appreciate the offers of sharing a room but I must decline. I will be bringing Mrs. Gobama, so the hunt is on for a room. I am once again thrilled at the oppurtunity to meet my fellow schoolmates. Wish me luck with a room and God Bless.


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                          Great news about your mom!!! Absolutely fantastic!!

                          Looking forward to meeting you at the big convention!!! In the meantime, continued prayers for your mother.

                          See you at the tables!

                          -Bart M.