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Champions Poll

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  • Champions Poll

    What do y'all think about letting the team champions stay together for Team Tourney #2? This has generated so much excitement that it seems almost a given that we'll follow the first one up with a second. Seems to me that it might be fun to let the champions defend their title.

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    for the second one, i was thinking of just adding members to the existing teams or creating expansion teams, so that all teams remain intact unless there are trades in the "offseason" LOL



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      An interesting thought......since we choose the teams by draft the first time.

      This would beg the question "should we allow teams to form themselves for the 2nd Team Tourney?"


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        Personally, I loved the draft format. I think letting teams choose themselves creates a severe disadvantage to many. Many of the top players know each other well, and I think we'd wind up with a few highly dominant teams and others with little chance. The most fun is created by having parity (even though Juggy's Kids probably have an edge in this one).

        As for keeping the teams intact and adding expansion teams, I think this would be better than self-selection, but I still think it might lead to some disparity that we'd be better without.

        I truly thought the draft was the ignitor to this whole thing that really charged it up. I'd vote for keeping it the same (other than, of course, letting the champs defend).

        Just my two cents....


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          kind of funny how we're thinking about the 2nd one when we haven't even started this first one yet! LOL



          • #6
            Just goes to show you how good of an idea this is!


            • #7
              i thinkthe teams should stay in tact if they wish and ones that don't we go through another draft for expansion teams. so far ilike my team (as long as we beat team grrrrrrr!!)

              TEAM A :s: A :c:
              i the poker game of life, women are the rake


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                I think aha is right and i like dreams idea to have trades in the off season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And also I think that a player should be able to quit his team if he chooses, and enter the next expansion draft!!!!

                My opinion does'nt matter but you will get it anyway!
                torax Team Fabulous Flops!!!!


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                  48 hours till the tourney begins!!! You guys have done great job in setting this up.

                  I think the draft for this tourney was awesome, I think that if teams are redrawn, except perhaps the champions, it give PSO members a chance to meet and converse with other PSO members, that they may otherwise have a chance to meet. I would like the opportunity to play with alot of different PSO members in future events. Having said this, I plan on my team winning the championship and staying together for the next round.

                  I like the tournament structure, and I wonder if we could use the same tourney format for an individual tournament. By this I mean perhaps one evening a week, PSO could participate in a tourney in which all games are played in sucessive weeks. Kinda like a decathlon. PSO could then crown a overall champion, at least till the next event is held.

                  If a participant missed a weekly event, then his score would be determined by the number of others that miss. For example, if 100 sign up, but only 90 show up to play, the missing players would all have a 95th place finish. Then the player who shows up but unfornutately finishes last would have a 89th place finish.

                  Just my 2 cents...

                  Looking forward to a great team tourney I



                  • #10
                    I think letting the teams stay together versus only letting the champions stay together deserves another vote at a later time.

                    My vote would be for the champions only to stay together. The draft was exciting.

                    And would we not run into hard feeling among teammates if they started trading players, or players started saying, "I'M TOO GOOD FOR THIS TEAM."

                    I think this would cause way too many problems IMO.

                    The one idea I absolutely do not like is that of letting teams self-select from all of PSO.

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