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friday night suggestion

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  • friday night suggestion

    well, i have been sitting around thinking, trying to figure a way to get a turnout of over 200 players for the friday night 7:00 p.m. tournament. in preperation for the big one, i would really like to play against a large field of opponents, seeing as tehre is only i more weekend for the annual tournaments. with freddie doing the broadcast, and the 5k added money, plus 200 buy in, there would be a very nice prizepool. also, i would like to know if mark could find a way to stay awake and play in this event, and i would be willing take 2000 dollars from my bankroll to put a bounty on two people. one would be mark for 1k, and the other would be someone of marks choosing, maybe whoever has the highest percentile for the month that is in the tournament. or i we could have it all put on marks head. i am just trying to think of something new and fun, and a way to get a large turnout!!! if anyone has any other kind of suggestions, please put them here. last friday, there were 107 players, wouldnt it be awsome to have a field of 300!!!!!! 8) 8)

    jmuzzey lsogc

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    I'll add to it...

    jmuzzey said:
    i would be willing take 2000 dollars from my bankroll to put a bounty on two people
    If Mark's willing to do it, I'll toss in 2k from my bankroll to the money added pool.


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      May be a problem with getting a big turnout as this Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, I know I will unfortunately be unavailable. However, if you wanted to make something happen for the next Friday, I'd be willing to put up a 1k bounty on mr. muzz himself, for organizing all this or maybe Bruno to avenge his putting a bounty on me when we were battling for sponsorship points a couple months back



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          I will contribute 2k as well. Sounds like fun.


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            I agree with greagar, the next Friday may be easier to get a big field.



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              then i say lets try for next friday!!!!!!! hopefully mark will read this post and reply....... it would make a great prize pool, great fun, and a great broadcast. if mark does decide to do this, i think an email should go out to all members of pso, because not everyone reads the forum. as long as that email goes out with a couple days notice, people can plan for it. if the tournament is set up, people will play, oh yes, people will play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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                Count me in!



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                  Can't usually play because I have three kids and that is a rough time for those of us with little ones.

                  But with Thanksgiving and all, I'll spend enough time with my family!

                  I am so in!!!!

                  Let's get ready to rumble!



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                    I'll play, and I'll put a 2K bounty on myself

                    So the only way to save my 2K is to win it!
                    Sounds like fun.

                    aiming for Friday 6th.....I'm in



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                      Me me me count me in. Mick16


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                        i'm really trying to understand the entire idea

                        1 - when is thanksgivin (i know very well you have that important holiday there, but as i understood a few years ago is a "moving" holiday - not a fixed date i mean) so for people in europe which dont have those holidays is hard to understand what friday you guys are speaking about

                        2 - puting a bounty on someone's head - as i see is to put money in someone and the player who taking him down get that prize !! isnt it ??

                        please rememeber that are people outside of usa (sometimes i felt that people forget that) for me is harder and harder to play during thew week days (i cant qualify for wpo due to that) and i have to match your times to my 6 hours diference

                        if the date you guys speaking about is December the 6th im and point 2 is what i think it is im willing to play and to put a bounty on someone's head...

                        pls let me know...thnx..spades 8) 8)


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                          I will donate $2000 for a 4 color deck


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                            And an explanation of what Spades just said/asked.


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                              Gump said:
                              And an explanation of what Spades just said/asked.
                              My brother in-law's got software for speaking/reading, and you shoulda heard what it said.......